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Post surgical bra help

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Hello all

New here. 47 years and diagosed with 35mm high grade DCIS in March completely by chance. I found a lump (fibroadenoma) whilst scratching in bed! 

Endless mammos; core biopsies; ultrasound; MRI and vacuum assisted biopsy. Having excision including sentinel lymph node biopsy and reduction (both sides).on 29th May......gulp!

Im plus size and am finding it difficult to source a suitable post operative bra. 

I wonder if anyone has any advice. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Anne xx

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I bought post surgery bras from Debenhams when though I didn’t have mastectomy as they were so soft inside.  

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When i had my diep I used a sports bra with zip up the front from M&S. When I had my lipo modelling I used a Marina Recovery one with  velcro on the straps and hooks and eyes at the front. You can buy them from the net. It was more comfortable than the one from the ones from M&S. XXXxxx

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I found some on the cancer research Uk website in their online shop,, I found the Royce bra as follows good at bedtime and to start with Then daytime needed more support and went for the Also there is one sports bra I found useful from m and s which was

Other sports bras had difficult zips and weren't so supportive  for the large bust.

Hope this helps. 

All the best


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im plus size as well and found the Asda bras really good post masectomy & lymp node removal... not too costly either! depending on the size you need you could also look to get an extender just to give you a little bit of breathing room/ comfort in the first few days when you’re feeling a bit more tender?

Claire x
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A previous discussion a lady was recommended by bra fitter to use a maternity feeding bra. She was recommended a Medula yoga feeding bra.

I'm an F/G cup. I found these really good. Soft and comfy with adjustable straps. I won't lie it's occasional mono boob but the comfort is worth it. 

If nothing else I would heartedly suggest you get one to sleep in. I bought an extra large.

Good luck

Maz xxx

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