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After the journey has ended new pains

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Good afternoon ladies, I had lumpectomy, SNB and thermo mammoplasty grade 3 TNBC, I had my last chemo New Year’s Day, had 23 sessions of radiotherapy and my 1st mammogram has came back all clear, my problem now is really heavy painful periods that the doctors have said could be fibroids and have requested a pelvis scan, I’ve also got really heavy pressure every time I urinate which isn’t painful just weird it feels like my insides are going to fall out  also my bad breast has become really sensitive and painful to touch, anyone had anything like this before? X

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Hi , sorry I can't help but thought I'd reply to 'bump' you up, hopefully someone will pop in with a similar situation. Good news aboout the mammogram, sorry problems now at the other end, not fair!!! HFxx

HappyFeet1 xx
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