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Feeling Low

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Yes please  


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the weather isn't being kind, the hot / cold cycle allows germs to breed, then we feel rough

I was reading the other day about working v retirement and although I've always claimed I could lie on a beach doing absolutely nothing I was beginning to question that, not a lot, but then I'm never really going to get the chance, I've no huge pension pot to keep me going so I'm probably destined to work until I drop.

Finding something to motivate me to get up, get dressed up, get out, do something constructive or at least positive has always been a challenge and the slightest thing becomes a insurmountable hurdle, like finding something to wear ... my ex actually said to me one day, jokingly ...

"would you like me to call the office and tell them you're not coming in because you can't decide what to wear?"

I was like ... would you ?????    genuinely grateful that he'd had this insight ... but he laughed, which is probably why he's my 'ex'

Did you find your job quite fulfilling ?

Would they welcome you back part time, as you felt up to it ? Do you think that might help with a sense of purpose ?

Helping others cheers me up. Sometimes people are very grateful, even for the pandas, and it really lifts my mood. 

Working with young people in North London might have been a challenge but must have been rewarding ?



 real life success stories to remind you that people do survive breast cancer


Dr Peter Harvey



Snowys Mum
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Blood completely at boiling point reading your post. Why the hell could the GP not give you a prescription for Antibiotics if your were bringing up green gunge??? Why A and E?? maybe I haven't read it correctly will go back and read again. But really its not good enough you trailing around so poorly.

Probably not meant to say this but I always take Olive leaf extract for any infection particularly chest infection and I always have some in the cupboard, I will put a link up. Obviously you need to check with your Doc/Onc but as they treating you so shabby...

Olive Leaf Extract is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to RELIEVE SYMPTOMS OF COLDS & FLU, coughs, sore throat and upper respiratory tract infections. . .. 

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Hi Helen,

I think the GP thought that she was doing her best sending me straight to A& E with an explanatory letter regarding my symptoms. A&E were immensely overworked and full of patients, including Dementia patients too.

So that was the reason it took them 5 hrs to take my bloods and do a chest X-ray. I felt so tired, it just seemed like 1:5 hrs to me. I was put on a covered trolley in a side room with a closed door, so the nurses were trying to protect me from further infection. 

I saw my nurse today at GP’s for daily blood thinner injection. I took a urine sample and have a UTI so was given a 3 days prescription for an antibiotic ( took first one this evening). 

I am interested in the olive leaf extract and will definitely look into it ! Thanks 

Judith xx

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I so agree with all you write about motivation!!  

I think that I’m still vgrieving in a way for the loss of my former structured working days to that which exists now ... a distinct lack of focus. 

My work was at times challenging. ,, but never dull, with a keen sense of purpose and hopefully making a difference in young people’s lives.

No, bI am officially retired now, my lack of energy would not allow me to return even if I wanted to on a part -time basis. My journey alone was  a 3 hrs round trip each day.  

Yes I am grateful for Panda hugs!

Judith xx