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***April 2019 Breast Cancer Chemo Chat***

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I'm OK today. I'm tired as I was scared to go to sleep last night incase I didn't wake up (silly I know). 

I've managed to take the dogs on a walk today in the sunshine. I guess we have to take one day at a time. 

Checking for hair loss already!! Xx


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You need to roll with the tiredness unfortunately - the fatigue CAN get worse throughout the course of chemo and it can last for a while afterwards. It DOES improve though (as far as I remember from the first time around!) 

I'm on permanent (palliative) chemo now, so the fatigue is ongoing and quite frustrating at times. Still, a good excuse for a nap is never a bad thing...

Best wishes



Horsing Around
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I'm currently in cycle 5 and the tiredness has definitely got worse. I would say that actually getting out and going for a gentle walk helps enormously. It is also good for lifting the spirits.


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Good morning,

Just a wee note to say I'm feeling pretty shit physically. Day 6 of 4th DHP cycle with all the associated pleasures (4 x EC cycles before that).  However....

This is the last cycle, and so I just have to wait for it to pass. Then there's 14 cycles of Herceptin etc to deal with.

It only seems 5 minutes ago I was sitiing here terrified looking at chemo posts back in October. I'm not going to lie, it's been tough, and I really don't know how folk who are ill, or have young children, or a whole raft of other problems find the strenght to get through it. I feel lucky. 

The big point, my mammogram and ultra-sound yesterday show no tumour. MRI today and then getting geared up for surgery/radoptherapy next month. Again, I'm lucky, but I really hope that this gives encouragement to those of you going through this process. For fear of boasting, in my case, it looks worthwhile.

Stick it out ladies. It's all for a reason.

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My hair was really thick, it didn’t really start to come out till about a week before the third chemo. It was gradual, then after third chemo on the way home, I felt my hair and it was a thick matted mess, I said to my hubby I bet it just falls it, I rinsed it and it just fell out in a clump, no idea what happened!

Tina x x

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I'm having weekly chemo for 12 weeks so really don't know when it will start falling. 

My hair is thin anyway so I think it will be more noticeable straight away. 

Are you in the North West Tina? 

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To everyone who is going through chemo I just wanted to say 

You got this, you are all strong beautiful ladies.

I am still reading the Chemo thread 1 year after finishing my Chemo just to see if there is any thing I can add to make your chemo journey a bit easier.

Looks like you are all managing well.

Well done 

Alison x

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Hi all, 

I've been switched to paclitaxel since oncologist suspected docetaxel caused my high temperatures and latest hospital stay.

So had 1st paclitaxel yesterday and so far so good I'm a little tired but feeling good.

Does anyone know if side effects kick in after a couple of days? or if I'm just OK because it's the first one?

Just surprised I'm feeling so well after continuely feeling quite bad in earlier cycles.

So far have have 3 EC cycles, 1 Docetaxel cycle. Then given extra week to recover after hospital stay. So yesterday's paclitaxel was the first chemo in 4 weeks. 

Big hugs to you all!  Kx

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Speak to the chemo nurses, my own opinion is it’s worth a try. They are the best ppl to advise you. 

Yes I am in the Northwest

  • Hugs Tina x x
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I'm on my way to the hospital in about half an hour to have (hopefully) chemo #6, my last one! Cycle 5 has been really tough for many reasons but feel like its taken me much longer to bounce back to normal than the other 4 cycles. Some of that is probably the cumulative effect and some probably the addition of Zometa. But I'm so looking forward to finishing chemo and can't quite believe I have managed to get through it. For anybody starting out or in the middle of treatment, just take one day at a time, keep putting one foot in front of the other and do whatever you need to do to get through each day.



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Congratulations on your last chemo. I had my final chemo yesterday...whoop. although I am not counting it as done until I feel better. It's had its ups and downs, docetexal was the worst for me, EC has been better although it has well and truly knackered my veins. Feeling so tired. Used to be bouncing back by middle of week 2 now it's week 3 and even then not quite right.

Good luck to those of you starting or on the chemo train. You can do it.

, what is next for you? I have 19 rounds of radiotherapy ahead and then I suppose back to work which will be very odd indeed. I can't afford to go back part time so may just use my accumulated annual leave to work a 4 day week or something!


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Thanks  I'm loving an afternoon nap most days now!!

I'm getting ready for round 2 on Tuesday and feeling much brighter at the mo. Having my next treatment tweaked as I ended up in hospital and had so many side effects. Just hoping the next one is a bit easier to get through now I know what to expect. 

On a positive note I've hardly lost any hair, so far the cold cap was worth doing :-) 

Hope you've been able to enjoy this lovely weather today x 

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Well no. 2 done yesterday...25% of way through it.. 50% with the EC. 

Felt a bit nauseous this morning so was awake at 1, and not slept since.

Trying to stay awake now so I get some sleep tonight! 

Claire x
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HI Claire

Coca Cola is really helpful for nausea. It has to be the original.  (Look it up on line, it has the same stuff in it as drugs for nausea). I sipped it when nauseous and also used it to help with sea sickness on holiday!  Fresh ginger is also really good. You can buy stem ginger in packets and chew it, I have also made myself ginger cordial from fresh ginger. I have drunk that when I do not fancy tea, coffee or any normal drink and have metallic taste in mouth. 

I have second EC on Wednesday.  Had cold cap for first one, but hair seems a bit 'loose' today when I washed it, so not sure it is going to hold!


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I'm new to the group.  My second time of having breast cancer - 1st time was 15 years ago, big shock that it came back.  Had op 2 weeks ago, cancer was all in the axillia/armpit and has spread to lymph nodes.   Now waiting for chemo treatment plan.  Not sure when it will start.

I've just read all your posts and am a bit worried/scared.

Last time I had chemo - 15 years ago - I had it every 3 weeks on a Thursday evening.  Was sick for 4 days, but then back at work on the Tuesdays.  So I coped with not much time off work, just a Fri and a Mon every 3rd week.  Reading all your posts - you all seem so tired, so often.   I was not expecting this, so am now unsure how I will feel.  

Also, am confused by all the different drugs you mention.  15 years ago I wasnt told what I was given.  So much has changed.

I thought I could handle this,  now I'm not so sure.