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***April 2019 Breast Cancer Chemo Chat***

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to those of you going through chemo treatment this month.

This is your space to support each other, share tips and chat to people who understand exactly how it feels. The rest of us will also join in whenever we can be of help.

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There are lots of helpful pointers on the Chemo Tips blog - what to take, useful and essential things to have at home, as well as lots of other advice. Please feel free to add to it if you have anything else to share that has helped you through chemo

Here is a link if you want to look back at the March Chat which we will close to new posts soon.

Remember - you can do this and we are all here to help you through - one step, then another, then another!

Hoping chemo treats all of you kindly


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As usual, I'm in!!! 

Best wishes



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I'm still here and having third one this week so that'll be halfway. Hope everyone is well. 

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can anyone help finished my chemo 3weeks ago been very unwell since last two, had two hospital admissions with infections just wondered when will i feel better still got no taste when will this come back ,fed up and will start rx next week.

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I’m still here too, I have 2nd Docetaxel this Thursday (4th) and hopefully the last one towards the end of April. Struggled a bit more with the Docetaxel then EC. Seeing oncologist tomorrow so will see what happens there. 

so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I can’t answer your question, your body has been through a lot. It’s going to take time I guess to recover. I keep thinking what a nurse said to me about when you think about being pregnant, it takes 9 months to grow a baby, so it can take 9 months to recover, get back in shape etc. She said when having chemo for 6 months, think 6 months to recover and then double it lol, I know that doesn’t seem much of a consolation but I just think she means to give yourself time to heal,  it only physically but mentally too. Maybe speak to your GP or Macmillan unit if you have one close by.

I’d also like to know about taste as I think my taste buds have left now....I did just read an article about a lady who is rediscovering her taste buds and she said food has never tasted so good I’m going to hang on to that. 

Hope you start to feel better very soon. 

Tina x x

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Hello All,

I’m still here too! Had 5th cycle of Docetaxel and Carboplatin last week and feeling rather rubbish. Tastebuds have completely deserted me and everything aches. I also have pins and needles in my fingertips which is beginning to irritate me!  At least the cold cap is working and I still have hair.....every cloud!

Hoping to feel better soon but this cycle has definitely hit me harder than the previous cycles. Not looking forward to the next cycle on the 16 April.

Love and hugs to everyone riding the chemo train this month.

shell x

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- sorry to hear you've been unwell. Don't forget, if your last chemo was 3 weeks ago, you have to get to the end of that cycle before your body can even begin to recover. I ended up in hospital 2 weeks after my last chemo - I think it's cumulative and each time you are that little bit more susceptible. Things will start to improve eventually. Rads is often easier than chemo. Take it easy and be kind to yourself - your body has been through a lot.


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Sorry you're not feeling well but it will get better.  I had 4 x Docetaxel and 4 x FEC.  I finished my chemo in October and had a lumpectomy end of November.

I found my joints in my fingers got a bit stiff about 4/5 weeks after chemo but this is quite common.  It's much better now.  I also lost my taste buds and I think that was one of the things that got to me as I like my food.    They too are back, it took a few weeks but pretty much back to normal.

You'll get there, it just takes a while.  You're body has been through so much.  You never think you're going to come out the other side but you will x

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I’m in well n truly this month.. first session last Friday... absolutely shattered...  but trying to do a little more each day! 

The positives... no sickness and no hair loss as yet... hoping cold cap works for me!

Claire x
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Glad you are ok

Hugs Tina x x

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Well this is one group I really didn't want to join! Managed to avoid chemo last time I had BC, this time not so fortunate.

I start on 8th April and I am absolutely terrified and can't decide what to do about the cold cap

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Hi Haysie I'm new to this group too, I start my chemo tomorrow and I'm terrified too. I've decided to try the cold cap for my Wednesday treatment for me I feel it's worth a try but only you can decide....good luck for the 8th x 

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Hi everybody - can I adk what thpe of digital thermometer did you get? Ear, mouth or no touch forehead?

Thanks in advance silverx

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I got mine from Boots, it was a scan the forehead one and quite reasonable. Worked well for me and now I can scan the grandkids while they sleep if I need to.

One Doc did tell me they were not very reliable so he gave me lots of packets of the throw away ones, I tested the scanner and the throw away ones and they were always the same so just scanned from then on.  Think we have far to muck to worry about and need to make it quick and easy.

Alison x

Be Strong Enough To Stand Alone

Smart Enough To Know When You Need Help

And Brave Enough To Ask For It

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I bought a Braun digital ear thermometer from Boots and was also given a basic thermometer by the Hospital. Both give the same readings but I prefer the digital one. 

Lynn x