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Hi everyone

I had my 12th cycle of paclitaxel yesterday and am pleased to say very little in the way of side effects. I’ve been tired and had some very slight loss of sensation in my fingers and thumbs but not enough to cause concern or halt treatment. I haven’t had to miss any treatments and my veins have held up well for the 12 weeks.

Next Wednesday I start 3x3 cycles of EC which may be a bit harder and I have to inject myself for 7 days which I’m not looking forward to to boost my blood count. I’ve had good advice about possible side effects with the EC and will make sure I take all the medications I’m given and eat regularly. 

Hope everyone is doing well and good luck to everyone with appointments or treatment today.

Lynn xx

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Hi Lynn, 

Go you for rocking the paclitaxel!! I’m currently waiting my 3rd out of 4 AC and then due to have a baby and start the paclitaxel so reading you’ve had a good experience is fabulous too see!! I just wanted to mention I’m currently having filgrastim injections, they give me 7 days worth after a round of chemo and they’re not that bad, the injection is really thin and I just do it at the top of my thigh. It’s just a little scratch and sometimes if I do it really good I don’t even feel it. 

Im sure you’ll be more than fine starting your EC, look after yourself and rest when your body tells you too!!! 


Lots of love   

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Thank you for your reply and the info on the injections - my neighbour is a nurse so I might ask her to do the first one and then hopefully I will be okay!! 

Wishing you all the very best with the baby you have done amazing having chemo as well and hopefully you will be fine with the paclitaxel- one thing I have had that I forgot to mention is I’ve had spots in my face a bit like acne that appeared about half way through but I was given Fucidin cream and they are much better - I do get a bright red face the day after treatment but it goes the following day. Make sure you get plenty rest if you can. 

Sending you lots of love and hugs and you are doing brilliantly 

Lynn  xxx