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Sorry to see you all here no doubt many of you were filled with holiday plans that certainly did not include this ball of poop. Do remember all emotions are acceptable on this part of BC.

A big welcome to all of you, whether you are starting or continuing  chemo this month.

The chemo club is a great place to help support and advise each other during your sessions.

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Lots of helpful tips for getting through chemo from those who've been there, can be found clicking here: Chemo Tips

If you found something helped you during chemotherapy, do reply to the blog and add it to the list.
You can use this link If you need to refer back to the June Chemo Club

Wishing everyone minimal side effects, positive thoughts and hugs from everyone at Maccy.


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Hello everyone, I have my first oncologist appointment on Tuesday not sure what’s going to happen, we’re still holding out that I can go on my 40th birthday cruise with my hubby at the end of July.

Have a fab rest of the weekend.


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Hi mandz1001,

Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday, I had double mastectomy on 22nd may I have got to have chemotherapy on 19th July then when that is all finished radiotherapy, mine was grade 2 had all my lymph nodes under my left arm taken away and 3 from under my right arm the tumour was 40mm, mine was strongly oestrogen and progesterone receptor positive and HER2 receptor negative, you are not alone, hope you still get your holiday 
Sending you hugs


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Hey  - it's worth asking about the holiday. Depending on timeframes, and what stage of treatment you're at, they may be happy to defer chemo till after.



earwig o
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Hiya ladies,

I had WLE and ANC on 12th June, oestrogen positive,Her2 negative, tumour was 18mm and dispatched with clear margins. 5 out of 12 lymph node tested positive putting me in the chemo camp. I had my appointment with oncologist on 28th June will be seeing chemo nurse this week and starting chemo next week. Feel like my feet haven't touched the ground but at least I can't grumble that I am being kept waiting. Nice to know there are others here who know what it's all about and I'm looking forward to sharing, supporting and leaning as we work our way through this.

Angela x

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I've spoken to the bc nurse and they've made a note of my holiday dates and said they will work apts around them. I have my post op apt this Friday and then will have oncology apt afterwards before further treatment starts. They said my treatment may be delayed by a week which won't make a difference. 

I want my daughter to enjoy her summer holiday and could do with getting away myself before chemo starts. 

I tried to respond to this post earlier but due to the site tech problems couldn't post - very frustrating! 

Best wishes, hope all goes well for you x 

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Hi all,

It looks like I'll be joining this month, probably within the next 2 weeks, and personally I can't wait - it feels like a long time coming.

Everything crossed that it all goes smoothly and with minimal side effects for us all.

Much love & gentle hugs, Frankie xxx

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Hello there,

Frankie Ducky 

Good luck with starting chemo, hope it goes smoothly.

Mandy 1001

My oncologist staggered my chemotherapy so I could go on a trip to Prague, we had booked it last year and I didn't want to cancel and she didn't bat an eye. I am on weekly chemo so I usually go Monday's, but she had me go Wednesday, then the week away, then Monday again. It was weird, I have always loved travelling but the first 24hrs were a bit tough because I felt I was out of my comfort zone, far from home, hospital etc - completely alien feelings for me that I got over pretty quickly, I'm glad to say.
I hope you get to go on your cruise, it'll do you the world of good!

Today I had n.11, 5 to go...going to get my red big pen and calendar out now xxx

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Hi everyone

Diagnosed 14th Feb with grade 2 invasive lobular breast cancer 21mm. ER+

WLE and SNB 15th March (3 nodes affected)

ANC 19th April, no further spread :)

Lymphodema and erythema 3 weeks with antibiotics.

Started chemo 21st june,   admitted into hospital 23rd june unstable temp. On IV antibiotics 24 hours then released on oral antibiotics for further 5 days. Not to bad on Se's queasy tummy for a week. Injections didnt help or the antibiotics.

2nd chemo planned FRIDAY 13th JULY  aaargh!!!!!! 

Eyelashes falling out. Hair on arms gone. Started to shred on head but cant tell much at moment.

Hope evesything goes has planned for everyone on the chemo train this month and the SE's stay to a minimal

Love n hugs xxx


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Hi start my first chemo on 19th July, just hope it goes ok, good luck to everyone this month.


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Hi all, here we are another month into chemo! I’m just coming out the other side of my last lot last Wednesday, been on a mad cleaning spree today as we have CBeebies coming round tomorrow because someone thought it was a good idea to send in an audition tape of her daughter at 3am when the steroids were keeping me awake! Ah well my daughter is super excited and hopefully something to look forward too! 

Hope your all doing well ladies, chin up and keep smiling, we got this xx

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Hi everyone

I had my first oncology appointment last week, following surgery (mastectomy and full auxillary node clearance) in May and have been feeling wobbly ever since because it brought up anxiety about the treatment and its side effects and also thoughts about recurrence I hadn't even begun to think about as they go through different outcomes with you.

I signed up to the OPTIMA trial, so there's a small chance my treatment plan may not involve chemo, but having thought this was a done a deal, I am now in limbo awaiting news of what the treatment will involve and although my choice to take part in trial, it's tough not knowing. And it's tough thinking about the effect not only on me, but on my partner and my son who still lives at home.

Losing my hair is my biggest hurdle and I know it seems minor in the grand scheme of things, I can't help feeling it's like one ask too many with all this following the surgery. Has anyone out there tried the cold cap?

All the best to you all

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Every little decision we are forced to make is so challenging, I guess here can be a really helpful place for people to tell you: it's ok we all feel the  same, this worked for me, this didn't work for me. In 2015 after lots of advice and discussions I didn't go with RT but ..... would I change my mind. NO. That was the info I had then and I had 2 good years.

Take control of the losing hair scenario. You decide to wear what you want, cold cap, scarves or wig or combination

I first had a shorter cut than usual then shorter with the hair.

When my hair started to fall I got very upset. Then one day I said 'SOD IT'. Clippers came out and I stood in the shower and it all went byeeeeeeeee. Hubby tidied it up sat in the garden making daft remarks like 'Doing anything special this evening, madam?' Daft bugger

If you put cold cap into the search bar you'll get a whole list of threads and discussions about it. It wasn't for me. I don't do extremes of heat and I'd be well P******* off if it didn't work.

Sadly there will be a constant footfall on this site. So always someone here to say 'me too'. And no fancy hashtag to that!!

Gentle hugs and positive thoughts to you

Listen to your body she's known you the longest


 What is a Community Champion? How to add to you profile Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

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Hello everyone, my consultant said I can go on my birthday cruise yay he said I would start chemo the day after, I should have started on the 17th July but they said I’m still within the 2 month time frame so will be ok to go, obviously they can’t guarantee it but they can’t guarantee it will work anyway.  

Treatment is 4 x 3 week cycles of :-



The 2nd week is the shit Week apparently. 

Then the same cycle length but with docetaxel.

Got to have a central line put in straight to main artery in heart for the drugs and blood tests etc.

Lots of shitty side effects that’s why I’m opting to go away and have fun before this starts.

Off to my daughters choices for gcse evening now and my dogs been poorly today so vets tomorrow’s :-)


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Sorry for the ‘s’ word been a funny old day and still can’t believe it.