Thought for the Day..

I wondered if ladies might like a thread for a 'thought of the day' as something that has helped or is helping them through this journey.

It just occurred to me this morning in respect of the fear that comes along with being diagnosed with breast cancer and other people who haven't had it, but seem to think it's so easy ;) of something that I wish I had said to these people

When I was first diagnosed, I had a couple of close friends who had absolutely no understanding of the mental impact and said "oh such and such had that and they were fine" type thing.  My worry about it and any need for support was forgotten as soon as they had said it!

So, my thought of the day for people who have no understanding:

"Imagine you are stood on a cliff edge in a gale.  There is a 50% chance that a huge gust of wind will blow you over the cliff edge into the stormy sea below.  How would you feel stood there?" 

I think looking back, that this what I felt when diagnosed - the not knowing whether it would be ok or not and being told 'so and so was fine, blah, blah' was to me extremely annoying. But at the same time for someone who hasn't had cancer will try to come out with platitudes and can never really understand even if they want to- so this analogy would perhaps have helped them understand the fear that comes with being told you have cancer.

Anyone else have any 'thought for the day"?

  • Hi

    I’ve just read what I typed and “typo” apparently gives the Hospital Covid-19 Awards! Ha ha should read Wards instead Grinning

    Also, love your little Miss Resilient title Blush Judithxxx ( I’m sticking to Weetabix and lots of milk ...) 


    Brighton  looks fairly quiet compared to my neck of the woods.....LOL.  Bournemouth beach - major incident declared due to the influx of 
    visitors from around the country..  33 tons of rubbish collected after Wednesday and security had to be provided to refuse collectors due 
    to abuse they received. Heaven help us when the pubs open!  Same story there yesterday.

    Whereas for my OH's birthday yesterday we went to a local vineyard for a takeaway picnic from their cafe and a bottle of their finest
    'champagne'.(not from the champagne region - so it can't be legally called champagne).  Booked in advance at specific collection
    times and socially distanced tables to sit outside with 3 other sets of diners in the whole grounds of the vineyard!.

    I know which view I'd rather have!

  • Love it Ha Ha Grin

    Just imagine it on a beach Joy

    Judith xxx

  • Oh my word ! Bournemouth =33tons of rubbish!!!
    Unbelievable ! The Vineyard visit looks like paradise in comparison Grapes Wine glass 

    Love Judith xxx

  • And to explain in simple pictures... (of course iits not the whole story but....)

  • Dearest Judith ,

    I am so sorry to read you have not been well and in hospital Hugging - Baxter is very anoyed at me, I kept saying I must see how you are and well, my excuse, I've not been on here so much these last few days, I try to but I am just so slow with it all - so it gets me mad.  Then life in general seems to be flying by and I'm on slow motion - I just don't get it, I try so hard yet nothing seem to go in the right direction or something else pops up to spoil moving forward... I swear its the Devil!! 

    I am so glad you are back home, please take it easy and keep drinking water - with this heat every bit helps.  

    Sending love and hugs to you and all the Fruit Loops xxxxxx

  • Sorry I need another rant (greedyIknow) just watched news ..accidentally try not to . 

    Would want to know from ITV why This Was lead story and talked about in relaxed celebratory manner 

    Then this was reported rightfully so in a negative what a disgusting scene manner !!

    Yes Boris beaches need to be shut but so do football matches if this is result .


  • Rant away! Totally agree . Can only think that nobody directly makes big money from beaches whereas football..... So many issues related to sport go unchallenged.