Thought for the Day..

I wondered if ladies might like a thread for a 'thought of the day' as something that has helped or is helping them through this journey.

It just occurred to me this morning in respect of the fear that comes along with being diagnosed with breast cancer and other people who haven't had it, but seem to think it's so easy ;) of something that I wish I had said to these people

When I was first diagnosed, I had a couple of close friends who had absolutely no understanding of the mental impact and said "oh such and such had that and they were fine" type thing.  My worry about it and any need for support was forgotten as soon as they had said it!

So, my thought of the day for people who have no understanding:

"Imagine you are stood on a cliff edge in a gale.  There is a 50% chance that a huge gust of wind will blow you over the cliff edge into the stormy sea below.  How would you feel stood there?" 

I think looking back, that this what I felt when diagnosed - the not knowing whether it would be ok or not and being told 'so and so was fine, blah, blah' was to me extremely annoying. But at the same time for someone who hasn't had cancer will try to come out with platitudes and can never really understand even if they want to- so this analogy would perhaps have helped them understand the fear that comes with being told you have cancer.

Anyone else have any 'thought for the day"?