Thought for the Day..

I wondered if ladies might like a thread for a 'thought of the day' as something that has helped or is helping them through this journey.

It just occurred to me this morning in respect of the fear that comes along with being diagnosed with breast cancer and other people who haven't had it, but seem to think it's so easy ;) of something that I wish I had said to these people

When I was first diagnosed, I had a couple of close friends who had absolutely no understanding of the mental impact and said "oh such and such had that and they were fine" type thing.  My worry about it and any need for support was forgotten as soon as they had said it!

So, my thought of the day for people who have no understanding:

"Imagine you are stood on a cliff edge in a gale.  There is a 50% chance that a huge gust of wind will blow you over the cliff edge into the stormy sea below.  How would you feel stood there?" 

I think looking back, that this what I felt when diagnosed - the not knowing whether it would be ok or not and being told 'so and so was fine, blah, blah' was to me extremely annoying. But at the same time for someone who hasn't had cancer will try to come out with platitudes and can never really understand even if they want to- so this analogy would perhaps have helped them understand the fear that comes with being told you have cancer.

Anyone else have any 'thought for the day"?

  • Hi Mo  

    I like that thought  regarding small footsteps !

    Judith xx

  • , they do lift me up and also set mind thinking on how to be kinder to myself.... like the last one I have just read that you posted....

    "It's okay to do what's best for You" .... this is so true, but in reality I find this very hard, I am more 'so long as the people around me are okay, then I am okay - I do do this from time to time, when I have the motivation to do this, reading this one, it does seem to give me and I'm sure others the nudge to do 'whats best for us'.

    Now then, - this one got me thinking.... Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction made me think of a different ending...

    Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can end up being a far bigger step than running miles in the wrong direction.
    Taking that first step in the right direction, no matter how small, is the best step you will take.
    By WhatHappened aka GKW haha xxxxx 

  • This thought for the day can only relate to my experience:  No spread to lymph nodes and no chemotherapy needed, so very early stage breast cancer, but it may be helpful to ladies just diagnosed with the same early stages and ER+ with only needing radiotherapy and tablets (AI's) for 5 years.

    "The fear of the word cancer and the fear of the treatment was by far worse than the actual 'journey' itself"

    If I could have told my diagnosed self one thing 2 years ago it would have been: "Take it as it comes and believe that the worst case scenario won't happen to you"

  • Needed a giggle 'like' box for the above post Judith...

    This phrase is inside the pond and it really made me think.  The sculpture in the distance has a kingfisher on top of it.  

    This is at Pallington Lakes - "Sculpture by the Lakes" in Dorset and stunning place to visit with lots of thought provoking art and phrases like these dotted around. They often having special events too.  Spent yesterday afternoon sitting in a copper swing chair looking at a sculpture in the lake with a swan paddling around it - and finally coming near to where we were sat and it had a sleep.  Talk about a relaxing place, I felt so calm and chilled out at the end of the day.