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***June 2018 Breast Cancer Chemo Club ****

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Sorry to see you all here and ‘flaming’ June it most certainly is for some of you now, others words may escape your lips during this time and all emotions are totally acceptable on this part of BC.

A big welcome to all those starting or continuing their chemo this month.

The Chemo Club is a great place to help support and advise each other during your sessions.Plus to reach out a hand of friendship.

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Lots of helpful tips for getting through chemo from those who've been there can be found clicking here: Chemo Tips 

If you found something helped you during chemotherapy, do reply to the blog and add it to the list in Chemo tips.

Chemo Brain article too

You can use this link If you need to refer back to the May Chemo Club.

Wishing everyone minimal side effects, positive thoughts and hugs from


Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

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I’m in for June! Starting round 2 tomorrow. 

Don’t know why I’m so nervous? May be because round 1 has been quite easy on me. Can’t quite believe it might be ok again. 

Hair starting leave me now. Mostly ‘downstairs’...

Am cold capping and although the name of my neck is coming it in fistfuls my actual hear seems ok so must be working so far. 

Hope everyone from May is doing ok? And good luck to those embarking on their journey this month. 

Let’s smash this xx

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Hi everyone:)

I’m in for June...have just done round 3 of 6 TAC . Round 3 has been harder then the first two, lots more fatigue and aches and pains, but am starting to come out of the few bad days and back into normalcy! Happy to be halfway done. Good luck and healthy vibes to everyone this month. I agree, Loubag...let’s smash this!

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Hi everyone. I am due to have chemo in June. Not sure of the exact date yet. 

Just wondering if anyone is cold capping and if so is it working for you? Can’t decide if I should try or not x

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Hi everyone, 

Im starting my first chemo next Friday. Very nervous but trying not to think about it. 

need to get my picc line fitted some time next week too. good luck to everyone x

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Good morning

I'm in, start 6 cycles of EC chemo friday 8th june.

Looking forward to helps and hints and supporting from each member.

Full week ahead nearly of appointments, blood test tues morning, Pre chemo appointment wednesday 6th and consultant appointment to follow up on lymphodema and erythema check. Headstrong appointment thursday am reference scalp care etc then chemo friday.

Feeling good but little scared.

Love and hugs Coll xx

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Hi littleone,

It's so understandable that you are nervous, I shook from fear on the day of my first chemotherapy...and it was fine. They've all been fine, I'm now at n. 7 of 16 and I had some mild side effects after, nausea, upset stomach from the 2nd to the 5th but now just feel a bit tired.

The other drugs they give you before the chemo make you feel fuzzy and drugged so you might actually feel a bit hyper (I know I did)

...try and keep busy and don't give too much of your energy to thinking about it, It'll be better than you think and if you're lucky, a guardian angel will be there waiting for you (in my case a wonderful lady full of encouraging, positive conversation) 

The PICC line will make it all so much easier, good for you!

You'll be ticking the dates off a calendar before you know it...I bought a special red marker just for the occasion!!!

Good luck and big hugs ((())))

'...I'm off to do something that makes me smile'
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Good luck for June Chemos everyone. Just had 2nd of 6 DTP, good to be on the road..... God's blessings to you all.....Here for you x

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Hi, I had my 3 rd cycle of taxotere on the 21st of May and I’m still under the weather.  I’m finding this chemo ( have had previously FEC x6) very difficult to navigate and I feel every single side effect, like today my heels are very sore and the rash in my hand not looking very nice and that’s not even counting the everyday headache!

I’m sorry to moan but I only read how well people are coping and feel utterly useless.. worst of all I’ve called the chemo line and told me that the rash has nothing to do with the chemo over the phone feeling very low, sorry... great to hear that other ladies doing well 


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SFGF29 I’m cold capping, number 4 today (sat with it on right now!) and it has honestly been fine. I was expecting it to be awful and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. 

3 weeks in and hair is starting to fall out along my neck line, but main bit of my head is staying put. 

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I did have to giggle about the 'downstairs' loss. I mean I only survived 3 sessions of chemo due to mad reactions. But all hair has gone. I've got a few straggly eyelashes and that is your lot. TA BLEEPING DAH!!!

I'm seeing it as a cost cutting exercise which means as I've no need to; wash hair, go to hairdressers, wax ANY WHERE, and no need for mascara. SO ................ bought a new blouse and had lunch out yesterday with daughter. Mmmm not therefore really cost cutting

Hope the weekend is a good one and SE's stay well clear of each and everyone of you

Hold in there


Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

Ruby Rose
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Hi All, 

well im having hospitality at Ninewekls hospital Dundee . Felt a bit flushed after dinner last night , thought maybe the chilli , maybe the half gkass of vino I had with it - NOPE! . i monitored my temp for a while 37.4 right up to 37.8 .then got shivery  After a phone call I was invited to visit ! My Neutrophils are down , so intravenous antibiotics and told I’ll be here a few days - ugh !

poor hubby got back home at 1.30am . 

im wearing a fetching NHS gown  as he thought I put my bag in the car and I thought he had!!!

i was feeling and doing great too !!! I was ready to book a couple of nights in a hotel for our 43rd wedding anniversary - but doctor says the following week !! Nope that’s chemo week

have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone . I’ve no option ! 


Ruby Rose . 

My face looks better when I smile - so smile it is ! 

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Hi rubyrose

Take it easy, you will be soon out (fingers crossed)

Hope hubby got some sleep.

Im on a weekend away with all the family making most of last weekend before chemo starts.

Let us know how you are xxxx

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Good luck, sending you lots of hugs xxx

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Hi Everyone,

Ruby Rose, so sorry to hear you are in hospital, it's incredible how quickly chemo strikes. 

I've had Paclitaxel last Wednesday, and although I've sailed with FEC largely unscathed - I think my body is taking more of a hit with this one.  My bloods were slightly down, they re-tested last Wednesday and they decided to go ahead with the chemo.  Since yesterday, I've had dull pains, similar to when trying to squeeze into a pair of tight jeans, just below the line of my stomach.  It's not a stomach upset pain. I don't have a temperature.  I haven't taken paracetamol.  I was wondering if I should sit it out?  Seems a bit silly perhaps to call the hotline. 

I am meant to go again in hospital for a blood test on Wednesday, perhaps I should mention it then if it still persists.  Has anyone had this?