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Walking back to Happiness

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Hi all

Well, I've missed you all lately, but first up -

- amazing! Looks like you had a lovely time at the Royal garden Party and you look absolutely wonderful in the pic! Well done for managing it all.

I haven't caught up with everything else yet but hope everyone is well - I will catch up on it all soon. 

I have been fighting some stupid demons - sometimes I long for the days when I was naive enough to think I would just jump back into my life and never give cancer another thought. Anyway - I am winning now so it's all good. A positive is that I have been throwing myself into exercise and dragon boat training to distract myself so my fitness has improved a lot. The cygnets were born - 7 of 8 hatched. There are 6 left so doing better than last year. We also have 4 goslings and some baby coots (I don't know what they are called!) 

I am walking a lot and I never go for a walk without thinking of this thread and I tell you all about it in my head and have taken lots of pictures for you all but somehow never posted them. I'm still not getting notifications for this thread though I do for others.

It's funny, isn't it - you can all be a support for me even though I don't post - just knowing you are all here helps a lot!

Right - now I am off for my swimming lesson. There was a child/poo incident a few weeks ago so I have to try not to care about that each time I go which takes a bit of effort in advance 

Hope everyone is having a good day!


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Nice to see you back .  Those demons are pesky things aren't they?  Always seem to be lurking in the shadows.  But glad you are finding ways to meep them in the shadows most of the time.  With the bonus of getting fitter and fitter.  And glad the young birds are doing well.

Anne xx

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You look fab , so glad you are enjoying yourself xxx

Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

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Hi Ronstar, 

yes, worries really do lurk and sometimes surface with a vengeance, but our medics really would rather see us if we are worried than not, reassurances do help!

yes I often think of the thread which does prompt me to take photos when out, otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother!

hugs xxx


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Great to see you and . Sorry about the plantar fasciitis, could you get an injection? And the demons, never far away. Love to both of you, and all the lovely fruity loops xxx

Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!