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So, 2018

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I'm not a great one for celebrating New Year. That's why I tend to volunteer to be on call, so the lads can all get out and do their thing.

Some thoughts though.

We all hope for a better year to come, I'm sure. In reality, it probably won't be any better or worse than the one we're leaving behind. It will bring it's own challenges, which will be different than the ones we already overcame.

But remember this :

Whatever challenges lie ahead, we will be bringing a stronger and wiser version of ourselves to them. 

We will be bringing the strength of the bonds of friendship through adversity.

Together, we will prevail.


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Amen to all that Karen! 

Best wishes to everybody


Best wishes



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Thanks toxophilite I don't know how I got through some of those days but here I am love to you for a happy healthy New Year x

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Well said Karen, I agree wholeheartedly.  Let's all hope for a better year than last and for those of us who still have a long road to travel keep positive, keep smiling, cry when you need to and for once in your life put yourself first.  Lots of love and hugs and the very best of luck for 2018

Wendy xxx

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Great sentiment, toxophilite! 



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Thanks I needed that.

 Jane x