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Pallet Trial - Palbociclib and Letrozole Before Surgery

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Posting on behalf of who is seeking anybody who is taking part or has experience of the Pallet Trial using Palbociclib and Letrozole before surgery.  The trial has 4 arms using combinations of the above and runs for for 14 weeks.

CRUK Pallet Trial info page can be found here.

It is important anyone having Palbociclib doesn't eat Grapefruit or drink the juice nor have St Johns Wort as like many other medications these contain an enzyme which strongly affects the dosage strength and side effects :(

Hope this is of some help, G n' J

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Thank you for posting this on my behalf. After consultation with my doctor it was decided I was unsuitable for the trial because the HRT I've been on would take 4 weeks to flush out of my system and he wanted me to have Letrozole straight away rather than wait 4 weeks. Only two days in with Letrozole and feeling tired and a bit headachy but don't know whether it is coming off HRT too. Will have to see how it goes. 

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Shame you weren't suitable for the trial criteria but Letrozole is good for shrinking tumours down; albeit a bit slow.

The info link above will be of use for anyone else querying the trial.

Stopping HRT and starting Letrozole will make your body feel like it is dealing with a double whammy as you are not only losing the hrt hormones, the letrozole will stop you producing Oestrogen. So do be prepared for some menopausal symptoms to kick in at some time - hot flashes and some bone/joint aches  :(  Have you had a Dexa Bone Density scan yet - You should have one if you are on Letrozole long term as they can cause bone thinning ?

If you start getting issues do post a new discussion to the breast group there are plenty of ladies on Letrozole who can offer you some advice about easing any of the side effects. You should get some idea on how they will be affecting you after 2-4 weeks as they get into your system. There are also a few here who have been placed on letrozole to shrink tumours prior to surgery too (neo-adjuvant hormone therapy)

Take care, G n' J