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.....hope the mammogram goes well on the 9th. Mine....number 4 is on the 2nd and I think yours' will be 3? We're ticking down the years.....Sorry if you felt I'd missed you.....I was trying to reply to various things from the last 24 hours and I knew I'd miss several. I missed poor   too. I shan't try and be so clever again. I'll reply properly....individually!

I've been in big trouble all day!

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Ha ha don’t worry !   forgot me too in her post !! 
  Thank you so much for Baxter’s playtime video!

He looks full of beans! It’s amazing what love and a full stomach ( plus neutering ), can achieve

Judith xx

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Don't be silly I'm only joking . We can't list everyone on this thread or we'd never get to the end to post anyway I have been absent though I do always read. Yes Thank you it is my 3rd mammogram how on earth did that happen !  Good luck with yours xxx

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Been to hospice to visit my 84 year old friend , to give her 96 year old partner time to cycle to his philosophy lecture !!

she has “ nearly “ died twice this year , in April the oncologist said she would not last the weekend , but she rallied and took her own discharge. , 

now the hospice wants to discharge her , so I am just telling you this to give you hope ! She was told “ 6 months “ 2 years ago ........

we are competing to out live each other ! I hope I can cope like she has , she inspires me 

best wishes to everyone today what ever is happening , 

the past is history , the future is a mystery , today is a gift , that is why we call it the present..xx

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LP is behaving impeccably so far!! He has accompanied me to the ECG and had a grumble when I got lost in the hospital corridors and found out that I was in the wrong building!

Phlebotomy was quicker and he dashed off for a snack and returned as I was exiting the door. Few crumbs round his mouth Ha ha.

Now I’ve had blood pressure taken and I’m waiting for the bum injections, LP is a bit too eager at this stage

Judith xx

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I’m shattered !  Did my first day of work since mid June when I took early retirement.  Spent all day putting postal votes in envelopes.  Nice company though but I’m glad it’s only a few days work. 

4 year NEDDY!