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Snowys Mum
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The winner of this week's quiz is..........(drum roll) Ta Da....... and runner up congratulations to you both xx

Yes I was at....

The Ashton Memorial is a folly in Williamson Park, Lancaster, Lancashire, England built between 1907 and 1909 by the millionaire industrialist Lord Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy, at a cost of £87,000[1] (equivalent to £8.2 million in 2018).[2]


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Thankyou xxxxx

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Hope all you lovely Fruit Loops gave your Dad’s a wee thought if they aren’t here and a big hug if they are, and your menfolk-father’s of your family a hug too.....I remembered my Dad too, he went from lung cancer when I was 24, but was well enough to walk me down the aisle, bless him. 

happy Father’s Day all.......

hugs xxx


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Hi everyone

Welcome to the new fruitloops - all welcome in the nut house...... Seriously though, you'll find a lot of support from these lovely folks, day or night.

So, Friday we went to London for the day, a belated anniversary outing. Had a lovely meal at Shaka Zulu in Camden and walked a LOT.

Saturday was our local friendly inter-county match. Barebow is now properly on the map in Surrey - we annihilated Kent and Sussex!! 

Today has been spent like this:

Wish tomorrow wasn't Monday, my feet still hurt....


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Hi All

Once again it's two in the morning and the brain has switched on.

I've got just one more day to wait for surgery,then I can start waiting for result a on the lymph node.

I'm not feeling too bad about after effects / recovery after the surgery. Last time all the trouble came from the lymph removals. In the olden days they took them all out.And it can't possibly be as bad as the surgery I've had on my feet in the past two years. 

I've been out of action,driving wise, for about 6 weeks. Anybody got an idea how long I'll be confined to barracks this time? 

Time for yoga breathing to go back to sleep.


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. Hi I’ve been trying to eat more fruit. Information about strawberries  

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 Wish it helped with sleep though. 

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Morning fruit loops, hope everyone had a good weekend despite the weather.

Good luck to anyone with appointments or treatment this week, hope all goes well xx

Love and hugs Jenny xxx

“ We don’t know how strong we are, until being strong is the only choice we have.” xx

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Right this really is only a 'quick post' as it is not 1:34 in the morning and I still have cats and others to feed haha

, I love the photo, that place is beautiful.

, well I have happened upon archery on the tv yesterday, I'm sitting there saying..... my friend does this, only she is doing 'long bow' - then I laugh to myself ..... all of you Fruit Loops are in 'my world', my happy, go to world - my 'pick me up world, my I need help world, my 'can I help any of my friends world'.  You Fruit Loops are amazing, together we are stronger - remember this, we are all here for each other.

, I hope you are well, just wanted to remind you, you said you'd try and sneak Luck Pants over to  - Silverburg is due to have Lumpectomy and lymp node biopsy later on today. We will be thinking of you and waiting for you when you get back - be easy and kind on yourself.... make sure you rest!!!

Sending love and best wishes to all xxxx

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I forgot to say to Judith () - I don't really like strawberry's, but.... after reading this, I am sure I could manage 8!!!

Its so amazing how good they are for us. Thank you for this xxxx

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Hi all, having a lovely time away with the family! Sleeping still an issue as are energy levels, but am managing plenty of time in the pool and hot tub, so can’t complain.....well I can but that’s just me!! Sorry!

Hope you are all doing as well as you can be! Thanks for the reminder although I had remembered the date as it’s my nieces 13th Birthday.... seriously where do those years go!

So before I forget why I came on. May I wish you all the best with your surgery today and hopefully you’ll be back on the ward with a cuppa in hand before you know it! Now to keep you company on today’s journey LP is on his way over and will be with you as soon as you need him! I have explained that you are a new Auntie and that he needs to show you how good he can be! He doesn’t Listen but at least I try! So here he is.....

Hope you aren’t too nervous Hun. We shall all be thinking of you. Remember Lucky Pants is there on behalf of the Fruit Loops! We all stick together when someone needs us! See you on the other side my friend. Xxxx