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Hi everyone - sorry, I've been a stranger. Again. Sitting on the naughty step.

so glad you found Bluebell. It's gut wrenching when anything is amiss with our four footed (or winged?) companions.


Too many pages to go back through all of them, so I hope there hasn't been too many upsets.

Back full steam on the archery ranges again. Shot one competition so far, not a PB but did make a Grand Master score. In spite of changing pretty much everything in the two weeks prior. County champs on 18th May in Guildford.

I had a follow up TSH test a couple of weeks ago. It's dropped from nearly 10 to 3.1 in 6 weeks. So staying on the same dose and next test in 6 months. 

Work is still shit. But I have some irons in the fire. One of which I need to go off and poke at shortly.

Sleep tight all xx


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Ahh Toxophilite, I was wondering where you were . Xx think of you often , you were such a source of support for me xx Twinkle51 

The best advice given to me was “ take it one step at a time” . Twinkle51 xx