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My silver lining to chemo this year is that most chocolate doesn't taste right, so happy not to have any Easter eggs! I've given up calling mine a 'waist line' now - mine is more of a 'waste line' as there's plenty of waste! 

Had to have a smile yesterday - I knitted some Easter chicks with creme eggs up their bottoms for the chemo unit's Easter raffle, which was drawn yesterday. The lady sitting opposite me had won them and was very pleased - she said to her friend and the nurse that getting them had made a bad day a whole lot better! It's lovely that something so small can make a difference to people when they're in a low place... 

Best wishes



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Thanks for good wishes & LP. You have an amazing memory, remember lots more than I could ever do!

As for weather bringing a smile with the sun.You should be renamed `SUN`.

You bring a smile whatever is going on outside.

Scilly xxxxxxx

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I had 2nd treatment today, & one of the nurse helpers was dressed as the Easter Bunny. She had a basket or Easter eggs for each patient. Can still taste foods so starting on this in a few minutes. Steroids this morning!

London Lass

Treatment was fine & LP was chasing Bunnies' tail. I bought him a pair of red pants to match my new  trousers.

He liked the Easter egg, but only let him have a little taste.

At least he gets a few days rest over the weekend.

Looking forward to his company next Friday.

GP prescribed me numbing cream for when I have to inject clexane. 

Feel I can cope better now. Can be bought over counter.

To all fruitloops, Have a lovely Easter & enjoy your eggs.

Scilly xx

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Awwwww Glad it went well ! Don’t worry LP will be with you next week! Xx