• Hello ,

    I agree with and everyone else.

    Please seek a second opinion regarding your treatment. I don’t know where you live but it is your life and there are many drugs, evolving via trials eg through the ICR ( Institute for Cancer Research), that another Oncologist may have more facts to hand.
    The RMH, The Royal Marsden Hospital in London or Surrey may be a good point of contact for some further specialist advice. 
    love Two hearts Judith xx

  • also sat in silence at the treatment you received . Your a strong resilient  lady who has 

    adapted so well to everything. I hope You get a good second opinion and have your wishes respected  HUGS X

  • Hello puzzler,

    I ,like others could not believe how ignorant and rude your oncologist was/is.To keep you waiting for so long is unfogivable! I think you  should certainly ask for a second opinion ,your breast care nurse or gp may be able to advise as to the best way to go about this.

    Sending you big but very gentle hugs and much love xxx Kwissy

  • Hi ,

    I too think you should go for that second opinion (third and fourth if need be) since all your results have improved. That Onco needs a kick up the bum if he thinks you should take this lying down, when you’ve done so well since getting home. How dare he a) keep you waiting that long without apologising and b) tell you that he is withdrawing treatment when it’s obvious you’ve been improving and coping with the s/e’s.

    big hugs xxx

  •   I agree for your own peace of mind you need a second opinion as it sounds like your relationship wth this doctor isn't working for you both.  Do you have anyone who could advocate for you?  A family member or your BCN.  I was told first day I met my BCN after diagnosis that she would be my advocate if I need someone to voice things for me.  

    Sadly many consultants lack tact and are a bit blunt!  My eldest sister, who had a brain tumour was told by her surgeons after results that IF the tumour came back they could operate again.  A week later she met her oncologist who scoffed at what the surgeon had said and remarked "it's not IF it's WHEN".  Just that one sentence broke her and took away her hope! 

  • I've been busy the last few days listing on Ebay.  I have a load of Big men T-shirts, jumpers, shirts and trousers brand new, many in unopened packages I found in late SIL house.  

    I also found 3 bags of shoes, men & women, mostly brand new with labels or looked like just tried on.  As we still on lockdown in Wales I couldn't take them to homeless charity so I gave them to a local church group who have a charity shop and use the money for local charities.  

    I'm thinking of donating the Ebay sale money to my daughter's wedding fund as a wedding gift from her late Aunt.  Do you think this is okay or should I give to charity too?  If I sell everything for starting price I will only get about £100.

    1. Hi Grogg, I think that would be a lovely idea to give the money you get from selling on eBay to your daughters wedding fund. I  think she will appreciate it and perhaps use it to buy something in memory of her aunt for the great day or for her new home. Best wishes anyway xx
  • Thanks to everyone who sent messages of understanding

    Grogg….the BCN agrees with every word the Dr says....but both of them only see me when I am in pain , frustrated , upset.

    I have a very good friend who really l understands , but no  " non patients " are allowed into the unit …..

    I wil see what happens tomorrow....

    best wishes to all...…  x

  • Hello puzzler, just to wish you luck tomorrow with your hard won treatment. Very big but very gentle hugs xxx Kwissy