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Squeezing some good out of this nasty disease

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Hi all

I think my post treatment meltdown is taking the form of throwing out most of the things I own - anyway as people have been asking me what I'm doing with it all, it reminded me of a conversation I had with  about the things we need to get rid of after treatment so I thought it might be good to put all those suggestions together and get as much good out of this situation as we can! 

I'll start:

Sanitary products you no longer need can go to a food bank

 told us all about smalls for all where you can send bras you no longer need - they are given to women and girls in developing countries so they can go to school or get a job.

Also bra donations here

People have posted before about donating hair pre chemo to the little princess trust

Anyone else got anything? I'm sure someone posted about donating wigs... what about hats, turbans, scarves etc (charity shops, I guess)

I sincerely wish I could give all the spare medication to a good cause - what happens to it when you take it to the pharmacy?

Anyway - suggestions please...



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Hi I'm taking all my (never used) chemo scarves hats etc. to my local Maggies on Friday when I have my review with the breast surgeon. I noticed their was a box in the waiting room of the chemo Unit as well for donations. 

Tracey x

Positive mental attitude keeping me sane amongst all this madness xx

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Good list

Returned medicine has to be destroyed, even if unused/unopened. Which is why we should only order what we need (generally speaking, everyone).

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Fiddlercrab - what a massive waste :(


Edit -  Dreamthief has told us about this charity

It doesn't seem to accept patient - returned medicine but takes from pharmacies so maybe unopened medication?


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Great ideas ronstar. Thank you. 

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Wigs can be refurbished and re used at the following charities ....Wigbank, 40 George St , Perth , PH1  5JL

or Hull and East Riding breast friends , Suite D1 , Chamberlain Business Centre , Chamberlain Rd , Hull , HU8 8HL....

I hope these details are still current ,I was given them last year

Best wishes to all !

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I took all my hats (which I never wore anyway) to the chemo unit. They have a big box of them there for people to pick from. It's a lovely direct way of helping. 

I threw out the clothes I wore at home when I was having chemo - tights, track bottoms, sweatshirts, T shirts - because they reminded me of being ill. This was a significant move for a hoarder lol. 

Lynn xx 

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Thanks, puzzler

Had a quick look at the website and that seems current plus there are some others dotted around the country

Wish information like this was available at my hospital - might be useful for everyone.


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Kacang, I come from a family of hoarders - you know jars labelled "broken screws" and that kind of thing - I fight an ongoing battle!! Looking for places to donate makes it easier than just binning them. My chemo unit don't have anything like that - I should have suggested it!


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I’m loving the recycling ideas. 

I’m wondering if any refugee charities might take any unused medication and transport it to areas where it is hard to get hold of. I’ll look into it. 

I’ll also ask my pharmacist friend.