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Chemo type ??

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I visited the onc today and was surprised at the outcome and any thoughts would be appreciated.

They advised that initially my results were 1 node positive,  1 node micromet, this led to me having full clearance,  fortunately no further node involvement.  Today I have been advised the onc wants the micromet checking to make sure it is a micromet as the pathology report is not straight forward...they will then offer the following. 

If the original report was correct I will be offered Fec, if they decide the micromet is now a macromet they will class me as two nodes positive and I will have Tac. I will find out next week and hopefully start the week after, is this treatment plan similar to anyone's. I always assumed that as I was node positive I would automatically have Tac.

Has anyone had FEC with positive nodes, by the way it was also grade 3.

 Louise xxx

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Sorry guys to bump my own post, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts xx

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Hello Lou, I don't think my experience will help as my chemo is before surgery , I have positive nodes (having full clearance) and have had 4 cycles of FEC and 2 cycles of T. I'm in a private group on Facebook called Younger Breast Cancer Network, posts to the group get a lot of replies. You might have more luck finding someone on there who has had same diagnosis and be able to advise on their chemo regime. Good luck with the chemo! Kate x
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Hi Louise,

Can't really help you as I had 3 nodes removed, one containing cancer. I don't  know if it was a micromet or a macromet, but I was classed as node positive. I had FEC-T. Although I was so ill when I had the first Tax, my onco immediately put me back of FEC for the final two doses.

Wishing you well for your chemo

poemsgalore xx

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Thanks Katie for replying and I will have a look at the fb page xx

Hi Poems, our paths have crossed before on the bcc site, thanks for the response.  I too asked about the fec-t but was advised mine would just be Fec. So many treatments to choose from I suppose I'll have to trust my oncologist and stop fretting. I think because I had my first surgery at end of january and I had to have further surgery on march the 6th I am a bit worried about the time before chemo starts. My bcn and oncologist say weeks will not make any difference to the overall effectiveness of the treatment.  

I have had a wound open from first surgery after haematoma opened it and this has been the hold up recently. They estimate I will ready to start two weeks tomorrow. 

Take care ladies xxx

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Hi, I had three positive lymph nodes, all rest stripped were clear, now on first Tax after 3FEC. Seems different for everyone. Confusing I think. Kath