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2nd Taxotere tomorow

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, had lumpectomy with clear margins in July and started my chemo in August 6 of Fec T.  I had my 4th chemo session on the 22nd October (Taxotere) and ended up spending 5 days in hospital with Neutropenia (Low White blood cell count).  About 4 days after Tax got a sore throat and on the 7th day still had sore through even though i had been taking antibiotics, got a rash on my chest and all in between my fingers which started to blister, apparently this was a reaction to the Tax, doctor told me it was an allergy to penicillen (how wrong was he).  What I really want to know is has anybody had this side effect and how did the Tax go for you, I am having my 5th Tax tomorrow after it being put back for a week and my 6th and final one on the 11th December.

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I've had 3 Tax now.  After the first one I got some weird spots on my back, horrible dry mouth and some muscle pain (took tramadol).  Second one, no spots but mouth worse.  3rd one mouth still pretty vile but my hair started growing back and my blood count came back to normal quicker than with FEC.  No appetite (have lost about 10 kilos) and some tiredness but mostly bearable after week 1.

My final Tax is 28 November.  then I can enjoy Chhirstmas before mastectomy on 2 Jan.

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Hi, I had my 1st Taxotere, which went ok, but then I became Neutropenic and had to go into hospital for 4 days. my mouth felt vile, no taste, inside of nose became dry too. My finger are itchy but no rash. Im due for my 2nd Tax on Tues as long as my platelets have returned to safe limits, and will be having Herceptin so have to be at hospital for 6 hours. I also had Fec T initially.