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New diagnosis

happy mum
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Hello everyone ....I was diagnosed with a grade 2-3 invasive ductal carcinoma ER neg  HER2 neg   only yesterday ...I'm on holiday today ...back Monday and have pre ops Tuesday with having the lump removed 31st July by wide local excision and a sentinel node biopsy ...I did have a small lymph biopsy done and that was clear ...looks like radiotherapy after and was thrown in maybe have chemo depending on what happens in between. 

ive been told this is treatable ...but after a very bad sleepless night I have talked myself into  total fright mode. I was wondering if anyone has any information or advise for me to calm down ....thankyou in advance

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Warm welcome to the group although no one expected to be be joining this particular club :(

Not the best news to get while on holiday what with all that free time to worry yourself into a frazzle :-/

This for a very high % is do'able - OK it can be a rocky road at times but there are loads of ladies here who have completed treatment and are coming to terms with their 'new normal'

The info you have been given will be only prelim findings from the biopsies you won't get the full picture until the post surgery pathology report comes through which is used to finalise your treatment plan (chemo yes/no radiotherapy etc) but this sounds like it has been found fairly early :)

You are where we were 5 years ago - only it was my wife who was diagnosed. Don't get too far ahead just concentrate on what is going on week by week or you can get info overload or fill your head with 'stuff' that won't apply.

The lovely regular ladies will reply sometime soon it is only those who can't sleep around at the mo everyone else is either too tired from treatment or eating breakfast.

You can do this; honestly :)  Take care, G n' J

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Hello happy mum!

This is so doable, so don't worry. As George says, take things a day at a time.

Take someone to appointments with you. A friend gave me a little notebook and every time I thought of a question, I wrote it down - and didn't leave my next appointment until I'd asked them all.

I had invasive lobular cancer and had mastectomy without reconstruction 3 and a half years ago. This site was SUCH a support - I think it's George who says "the only silly question is the one you don't ask!" And that's so true, 

There are people here who have been / are going through the same thing - their support and friendly advice will help get you through this, and you'll be fine, so ask away!

Good luck for your journey - you've taken the first big step!

Keep in touch and let us know how things go


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Good Morning happy mum, let me start by offering you a Welcome......

hug, because at times like this I think we could all do with one.

Big shock getting news like this, isn't it? After all Cancer doesn't happen to 'normal' people like us, it happens to other families! But sadly it can affect anyone at anytime, having said that it is VERY treatable! The treatment isn't much fun and your emotions will be all over the place for the next few months.

BUT one thing I can reassure you of, is that you will never be alone. Someone on here will be around to offer help, advice, support or just a virtual hug, both day and night! So whatever time of day or night it is if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by it all or confused about something just pop on and chat with us! We are a lovely supportive bunch, or at least i think we are!

All you can do now is try and put this to the back of your mind, enjoy your holiday and then get yourself prepared for the surgery. i hope it Helps just to know we are all here for you! We've all been where you are now and I'm sure we all remember those first few days following diagnosis when you can't quite believe it is happening to you! But slowly you will Get your head around all this and by taking things a day at a time, you WILL get through this Hun. 

Always here for you xxxxxx

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Good morning, this is the first time I have posted anything although I do read everyone's comments.

I was diagnosed at a routine appointment in March, I had been complaining about pain in my left Breast for a couple of years but had been told it is normal to have some pain. Anyway, they felt a lump and I had a mammogram, scan and biopsy, I was sent for an MRI as well as apparently it shows more.
I had a lump removed and some lymph nodes on the 10th April and thankfully they got a wide enough clear margin and it hadn't spread to lymph nodes. I have started tamoxifen and apart from some sweats and thrush I haven't had any problems so far. I started 20 sessions of radiotherapy on the 14 June and it has been tiring and some swelling and redness which they say is normal but it is doable. I don't know what sort it was, I have it all written down by the Breast Cancer Nurse, they come to the appointment with the consultants and write it down and explain everything to you and you can ring them any time you want.
Every one on here is very friendly and I have found a lot of tips and just to know that you are not the only one going through it is great. My husband and daughter have been looking after me well but they worry at the least thing so it's good to come on here and see that others are going through it too.
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Trish62.  Glad to hear that you are making good progress. You are very lucky to have a caring and helpful Breast Care Nurse.

The BCN allocated to me has been a total waste of time and useless. I mentioned this to the Senior Radiologist and she raised her eyes and said 'Oh yes' then the name, as if she'd had other people saying similar.

To be honest, I've had more help and advice from the lovely people here.

My treatment is over, other than seeing Oncologist in August. However, I will continue to read all the relevant posts and even with my little experience, will try to help others where appropriate.

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Hi Rosie1947, I have been very lucky with all the people who have been looking after me so far. I have a week left of radiotherapy. 

I am sorry you BCN wasn't helpful. It makes a difference when they take the time to explain what the consultants tell you and knowing that they are at the other end of a phone if you need them.

I am glad you have had help and support on here, I have found a lot of useful information and friendly people here and it's nice in the middle of the night when you are wide awake again to be able to see that other people are awake too. 

That's good your treatment is over. I look forward to reading your posts. X

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Hi I have just had my 3rd radiotherapy session and I know that it is probably going to be tiring and sore at times.  I am just glad to get it started and think one less session each day, just 23 more to do, trying to stay positive,it's a great support reading everyone's advice, try not to worry you're on the road to beating this now 

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Hi there

Think we have chatted in another site ... you will get lots of information and support on here , just post anything you are worried about - I am afraid sleepless nights are par for the course , I've not slept properly for almost a year , but you will find a calm in what is now a frantic and troubling time.

Hope you sleep a bit better tonight

Jo xx

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Hi, Happy Mum. You're in shock, and understandably so. Speaking as someone who has come out the other side, it's all doable. Good to hear that you have an excellent BCN - I developed a mild crush on mine, who is adorable!

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Sorry - my comment about BCNs should have been addressed to Trish! I can't still blame chemo brain, can I?!

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Hi happy mum

What a fantastic user name, it made me smile!

The early days are absolutely terrifying. I was diagnosed in February, had surgery in March and finished my radiotherapy last week. I found the wait for my path results the worst, but once I had them and I knew what I needed to do it became easier.

It is so treatable and you, like me, seem 'fortunate' that you have found it early. 

I walk every day which helps me with the anxiety and irrational thoughts (worst at 4am for me), and I meditate every day using the headspace app. I was told from someone on here to take one day at a time and that really helped me.

Best wishes and keep in touch xx

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Good Morning Everyone!  I just wanted to address the redness/burn issue from radiation/radio-therapy.  I know this is a totally different type of cancer, but my brother had lung cancer.  While he was going through his radiation I made him drink aloe vera juice every day and rub aloe on his skin.  He got very "tanned" looking, but when he had his surgery, the surgeon was very surprised that his lung had not burned and adhered to his rib cage.  All of us are pretty sure the Aloe is what prevented that.  I just bought my first gallon of Aloe juice and have it on hand for when I begin my own radiation.  Hopefully within a month.  Tomorrow is the 2nd surgery.  What a fabulous surgeon I have!  Hugs to all!  Mira

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Hi, I have to say that everyone who has been involved in my treatment have been lovely. I have 3 more radiotherapy treatments to go and am pink and tender but not bad apart from that. I use the diprabase cream that they give me , my appointment every day is 4.00 so I put it on in the morning and then have a shower before I go to the hospital and then put more on through the evening. I bought alloe Vera gel and I will use it after my radiotherapy and hopefully it will help. 

happy mum
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Thankyou for for your message..I'm in Spain at the moment and finding it difficult to relax and sleep ... I shake a lot.. .how do you know it was found early? And is it good news my lymph biopsy was clear? Even though they will be doing a sentinel node biopsy when they remove the lump?