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Say hello to March  ... the month of

Lambs in fields 

Daffodils opening up

Spring equinox happening 

Everything signals new beginnings ❤️:)Anyone starting chemo this month, we wish you all the best.

If you are having or about to embark on chemotherapy as treatment for breast cancer please feel free to use and abuse this club to share your experiences, ask questions, support others or just get it off your chest (no pun intended!!)

Carolyn28 and Crystaljuju are two community champs who have previously had chemo and who can answer questions as well as Mistymoley and Dreamthief.

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Chemo hints and tips  

February chemo club

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Wow doesn't time fly!

Two chemo months under my belt already.

Good luck to everyone - lets hope this month is kind to us all.

Tzxy xx

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Hi Im starting chemo sometime this month I see the chemo doctor next tuesday, any idea how soon they start you after that?


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things can move quickly however if you've yet to discuss what chemo you are having etc with your oncologist then you may need a picc line fitted and a chemo talk by one of the chemo nurses. 

Do ask about the picc line as they are well worth it.


Julia xx

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I started chemo 2 weeks after my first meeting with the oncologist. 4 days before the chemo I had a preassessment with one of the chemo nurses.

Ask about a picc. I don't have one and it's taken multiple attempts to get the cannula in on the last two cycles.

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If you haven't started chemo yet or are in the middle of it, dreading the nausea or disgusting tastes created by drinking tea and coffee, I just saw on tv that Twinings have made a lemon and ginger infusion. I live in France where infusions are more popular than English tea so my husband brought the ginger tea for me from the first chemo dose. I found it was very soothing and on a cold day, warming. 

Just something you might like to try if you are having difficulties.

Good luck to you all this month. It won't seem like it now but there will be an end and like me, you'll be popping into the chemo ckub knowing your cancer has gone and offering tips!

Love Karen

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Hi chemo club. Had cycle 2 TCHP Friday with delay and dose reduction. My mouth didn't like it nor did my hands and feet! Much more in control this time armed with loads of stuff to keep those SE's in check. I wore ice mittens and boots during Dox and Carb but have neuropathy again although think it may not be as bad.. fingers crossed if I can feel them! Lol. I chewed ice chips for 2 hours to try and reduce the mucusitis and so far 6 days in mouth isn't too bad. I have caphasol and biotene too. I am concerned that there will be a cumulative effect as I go along so if they don't dose reduce each cycle the SE's will get worse? Any thoughts out there? 

Love to you fabulous warriors. Xxx 

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Hi everyone- wishing you all no side effects from chemo! 

3 fec down and having no 3 of 12 weekly paxiltaxol as I type!!  so much easier doing it weekly! Hardly any side effects and still working xxx 

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I'm just at the end of week one after my first FEC. Been a bit of a rollercoaster of SE but now not too bad just feel snoozy...  zzzzzz

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Hi March chemo club! I can officially say I finish next month! Whoo hoo! 

Day 2 T2 so far so good. Cleaning like a mad woman on this sunny day. Making the most of the steroids ha ha!

Keep well everyone! 

Sally x

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Herceptin 5 this morning, with instructions to see my GP about my swelling feet. While I was waiting for them to make a decision about that, I had a lovely time chatting with the other lovely ladies having treatment today.

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T2 and herceptin2 done! If all goes to schedule I will be over the worst of the side effects of my LAST CHEMO by the end of this month! T3 booked for 22nd!


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I can say that as well, I finish chemo next month too! :) That's a good way to look at it.

First T next Tues, not looking forward to it. Any main tips? I am going to stock up on painkillers!

Gay xxx 

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Keep taking the painkillers. It's easier to keep on top of pain rather than waiting for it to arrive, so if it starts aching a bit, start the temperature-painkiller cycle and keep on top. Loratidine (clarityn) can help if you are having the white cell boosters with your T, not sure if it helps with the T alone but if you get cheap generics you can give it a go. Go for a walk even if you don't feel like it. Moving helps.

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Well Hello Everyone!

Day 15 of the first round of being back in the saddle as it were...

Definitely tougher this time around.

I felt my mental abilities sort of float away, and a fog descend, during the treatment... for about 5 days, I was unable to think in a straight line and was utterly wiped out. No nastiness, no hurling, just wiped out. Then, just as I started to feel better, I was hit by a day of not being able to speak without blubbing (apparently quite common on day 6 or 7).

Recovered from that, only to wake up with something the size of a small moon instead of my breast on day 8! Hospital were amazing as always and drained off fluid and gave me antibiotics.

Finally able to spend some time at work on Day 13 (Monday) before the worst diarrhoea of my life struck on Monday night, accompanied by violent shivering, nausea and feeling frozen.

The hospital are just so good...we've been on the phone twice daily, they call me to check on me which is immensely reassuring. It unfortunately has not yet abated, so now I've provided the ghastly sample for testing. (I was hoping it was a reaction to the antibiotics, but it's gone on too long now)

I'm ravenously hungry. I had small amounts of plain mashed potato yesterday (no milk or butter) and thought I'd be ok-was able to sleep all night, which was brilliant, as I'd not slept at all the previous night. 

Tempted to say 'sod it' and have dinner...Mashed potatoes WITH milk and butter and sausages...and peas...and sweetcorn, even though I know it won't go well...

Help! Any ideas for a starving girl?