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Nipple crusting

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Hello :)

I was diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma 29 October 2012. I had a wide local excision and sentinel  lymph node removal that showed no lymph node involvement. I had chemotherapy that finished late April 2013 followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy that ended in June 2013.

The radiotherapy caused skin burning and peeling and I also realised around this time that I had crusting of the nipple of the breast I had the cancer in, the other breast nipple is fine. I picked out the crusting, which was painful. It seemed to slowly improve, but I still retain some crusting. I have read about Paget's disease of the nipple having crusting as a symptom, but, I am thinking mine has been caused by the radiotherapy. I will be mentioning it to the breast clinic next week when I go for a check up, but I was wondering if anyone else on this forum has experienced the same thing and had suspected or had it confirmed it was caused by radiotherapy treatment?

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Hi Tinadeem,

Yes, definitely a case of having it checked, and finding out what you can do to aid the recovery. 

Not sure the picking of the crust is such a good way forward though. I am just recalling when my babies had the crust on their scalp, the best thing to do was to apply baby creams. 

Let us know how you get on. 

Dorothee xx

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I had a crusty nip with radiotherapy (and I picked it off too... ouch!) It cleared up within a couple of weeks of finishing RT and not come back since.

I'd never heard of a link between it and pagets - I would probably have got it checked out if I'd know that.

Hope it's better soon xxx