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Exercises for arm after reconstruction

pretty in pink
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How long do you need to do your exercises  post op? Thanks

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Well, for ever, I think. If you are lucky enough to have got full rom and strength back, then going back to your normal exercise, lifestyle routine is probably ok, but you will always be at risk of lymphodema and so keeping the arm supple and stretched is probably wise. This is not a professional response just my common sense...
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I agree - as much of a pain it is... it is really worthwhile keeping up the exercises as it does help with mobility and guards against  lymphodema .

Best wishes


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Hi pretty in pink caught your question when checking emails in my lunch break yesterday but couldn't answer then.

I've just had a check up with my Consultant where I struggled to undo the back of my bra so I jokingly said that sometimes that arm just didn't want to work.  I got the knowing look with the comment "your physio exercises will help with that"  My Mx and reconstruction was 20 months ago, so my guess is that they should be part of our life for evermore. 

Incidentally, I did them religiously for the first three months but tailed off as I was back at work and doing normal everyday things. I do though at times of discomfort find myself going back to basics.

Hope this helps

Hugs and best wishes to you all