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Stuck in a recovery rut

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I've had chemo, surgery, rads. Now waiting to re-start Herceptin and to have more surgery. My hair is growing back but sooooo slowly.  I can't see visible progress at the moment and feel I'm stuck in a rut.

Just sayin'

Rebecca x

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Hi Rebecca

After the rollercoaster finishes it is like being on the slow boat to China...........everything just takes such a long time to get back to some, nails, stamina etc etc etc.

I took pictures of my hair so i could see how it has grown week on week and it does work, you forget how short it was.So maybe give this a go xxx

My tongue has got a permanent yellow coating which has baffled the nurses, surgeon and Drs.....i just want my pink tongue back.........soon please!!!!!

Hang in there lovely lady xxx

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hey Rebecca,

Yeah, I took pictures too. One once a week. And it DOES show a difference. 

yes, progress now is ridiculously slow. But there is progress in my life. I have made the Race for Life my focus. So I have got myself into a new routine through each day, through each week. And I have short term and longer term targets. That gives me a feeling of planning again, which means getting back into a life! 

I think I was at the stage you were at around Christmas time. One big chapter was sort of closing, leaving just an empty gap, and worries. Don't rush into it. Don't get flustered, there is a natural process, I think, how you find your new you. 

Big hugs in the meantime.

Dorothee xx

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Everyone wants to get back to normal after the end of treatment but your poor body has been through such a lot, and that's not to mention the emotional side. Be kind to yourself and gradually you will come through it to a 'new normal'.

Best wishes