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anyone else on taxotere carboplatin and herceptin?

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good evening allI have been for my onc appointment today, I am having Herceptin on 23rd Oct and 1st chemo on 24th. Problem is I have just googled the drugs and they say Carboplatin used for advanced cancer!!!! not what I thought I had - report was 1.7mm tumour and 1 of 13 lymph nodes - lumpectomy all lymph nodes removed and adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer to come. Is there something I dont know? also I am to have a kidney function test on monday in Nuclear Medicine (4 hours) is this normal? trouble is I didn't think of asking at hospital too busy trying to take it all in, now gonna have sleepless night I expect. Can anyone tell me they had the same plan for treatment, i thought the kindey function test would be on urine now very concerned. any thoughts guys Thank You

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Hi Scarlett.I have just finished chemo and am fue to start herveptin on Friday. I had to have a heart scan in nuclear medicine prior to starting herceptin as this drug can sometimes have an adverse effect on heart fnction (I was told this a not common). My onc informed me that your liver or kidneys are reposnsible for getting rid of many drugs that we take so it maybe that your drug is going to be processed through your kidneys and therefore they are testing their function before giving it to you. Try not to worry as the more test you have the better understanding they have of how your body works. Google not really a good idea even though I have dine this myself, it is tometimes not accurate or upto date. Do you have a breast care nurse you can call they are very good and can maybe put your mind at rest. Good luck with your treatment and try and stay positive x

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Hi, i think i'm having what you're having mine is called TAC I am having 4 sessions and Herceptin which started the day after the first chemo. Herceptin is considered to be more effective if given with chemo (although it is a relatively new thing to give Herceptin to early stage people like us so there is still a lot of research going on). That maybe why it is the TAC chemo we have been given? Also this is called the belt and braces approach that they throw everything at it because of the HER2+. I didnt even have a tumour just a 6mm micro invasion - they didnt even do the sentinal lobe biopsy because they were so sure it was DCIS - i have that to look forward to at next op as they didnt get clear margins. Anyway, grit your teeth, fill the freezer and good luck with the treatment. Carol