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Creative writing therap! Poem came to me some time after the events.

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A Cancer Journey


Silver scars now feint and neat

Moulded contour, painted teat

Two surgeons craft as one

Is it not well done?


Toxins ebb and flow

Skin and marrow glow

Needing so much care

Weeping for my hair


Impaled on scarlet rage

Why me, in middle age?

Stalked by Monster Fear

The longest darkest year


“One a day will lift your mood”

“Be sure and eat good food”

Then from the storm grew Hope

At last I knew I’d cope.



                      Janet Leake



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Wow Janet what a fantastic piece! This has made me feel so much better today as am securely impaled on the scarlet rage! With thanks


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Thank you for the compliment. Hope it is not going too badly for you. I have go my life back (albeit under something of a shadow.) Hair grew back thicker and curly!

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Creative writing as therapy.... you are spot on! For anyone in turmoil to put thoughts into the written word is the best! Well done.