Long wait for Adjuvant chemotherapy after breast lumpectomy

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Hello, my head is in a spin again.
On 17th April 24 I had a lumpectomy  and on 15th May  a re-excision of inferior margin.

The breast surgeon asked for a  oncotype dx test as my NPI is 3.4 which is borderline.
The oncotype dx test results came back as 31 which represents a high risk of recurrence.
The oncologist recommended  Adjuvant chemo  - 3 x EC every 3 weeks followed by 9 x Taxol weekly = 12 treatments over 18 weeks

This morning I have received an appointment for 2nd August with a member of the oncology team. There is no information as to what it's about so I'm guessing that this is the initial appointment for Chemo- induction ( I have contacted the breast care team for further details but no reply yet)

I'm now fretting as this falls way outside the NHS guidelines for Adjuvant chemotherapy. The wait is far too long
16th July is 90 days after surgery This would be the latest recommended date to start adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery according to NHS guidelines.

Can I do anything to bring my given date 2nd August 2024 forward​ ?

I'm in a terrible flap (as usual)

thanks x

  • OK... just had a reply from the Breastcare nurse to say that the appointment on 2nd August is to see the Oncologist to see how the chemo is going. They arrange the appointments at a date after 2 or 3 cycles of chemo.
    So I should be starting fairly soon..
    I jumped the gun and should have waited for the email.