Update have a date for surgery

I had an appointment yesterday with the Breast surgeon.  He wanted to discuss my options. I have decided, and with his agreement to go for the simpler option of WLE. At this point it could be DCIS--5 years ago one was detected--no intervention-my choice--just annual mammograms.  Latest mammogram showed 3 which again look to be in the duct.  I am booked in for 8th December--no lymph node excision or biopsy --so should be a quick recovery, but will be on light duties for  a few weeks so now phoning round to get some home help, and as advised before on this site have bought button through PJS and stretchy bras, and paracetamol, 

The down side of course is if the the pathology comes back as not DCIS and they haven't got a clear border then it will be more surgery--but that's a bridge to cross as and when--till then I'll just get on with life

  • Hi Planning welcome to the forum and thank you for updating us on your progress. None of us ever know what the initial surgery will reveal and whats going to come back on this and the waiting  is the pits. You certainly seem to have the right approach about dealing with things as they come along and thats great news, If you do have any queries and want to just sound off though, its ok to do that here as well. xx


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  • Hello,  wish you the best and speedy recovery too.  DCIS is a strange thing as it can be almost dormant for a long time in some women and not so in others. Had it in one breast and then had stage 1 cancer in the other at same time.  Crazy times but had lumpectomy in both breasts and then radiation to both and now on hormone blockers as ER positive in both breasts.  Everyone has a different plan.  I have seen some surgeons not doing radiation if margins are over 3mm but that is for you and surgeon to discuss.  
    I feel really good as 1 1/2 years post radiation and thankful.  I was diagnosed at 71 years old but very healthy and fit and no co morbidities so wanted to make sure they didn’t just treat me  because of my age but also my health.  It is hard when you are older as there is a fine line between appropriate care and over treatment.  
    Take care and hugs.



  • Thanks for that

    Had my pre-op but then had an appointment come thro to se the Anaethetist--a week before the planned surgery.  Not sure if this is a good thing or not. 

  • Thanks for that.  My DCIS was dormant for 4 years..  The original plan is for the WLE  no plan to remove or biopsy lymph nodes.  Radiation was mentioned but will depend on the pathology. It will take 6 weeks for the pathology to come back, then ? further surgery within a few weeks, then radiotherapy some time after that.  For the record I am 76 now so was 71 when first diagnosed.  My surgeon this time round is very amenable--gave me all the options but said I was an adult and was not going to tell me what to do.  We discussed mastectomy and I would be eligible for reconstruction, but that was a much longer procedure, with more risks and with a similar clinical out come. So his words my decision to opt for the WLE was the sensible one.  So now just waiting on the appointment with the anaethatist (  can't get the spelling right  ---the one that puts you to sleep and wakes you up))