Awaiting mastectomy - stage 2 cancer and scared

As most of you will appreciate my whole world has recently been turned upside down. I’ve just had the gruelling wait for my biopsy results and was relieved it’s at least treatable - I’d convinced myself it was metastatic . 
I’m so scared of the treatment and the unknown. I’ll be having 10 lymph nodes removed and then chemo/ radiotherapy etc for 8 months. Not feeling very strong right now- how do people cope and have any sort of life during this time? Xx

  • Hi Upchurch

    sorry you find yourself here. The point you’re at now is one of the worst …there is definitely life around Chemo and surgery. I’ve had two surgeries and had my fifth chemo infusion on Wednesday. The surgery recovery is not too painful, really, just the exercises after node clearance are uncomfortable but you get there quickly. Chemo Is pretty tedious but there are more good days than bad and I’m am generally ok from day 10 onwards each round.   Fear js a constant companion these days but you do kind of box it up a bit better as time goes on….sometimes. 

    stay on the forum and speak to people as you move through treatment- it really does help. It won’t be as bad as you think! 

    all the best and only think one think at a time- don’t think of Chemo until surgery is done, then one round at a time. Xx

  • Thank you for your response- already I feel more positive xx

  • You’ll definitely have life during this time! I found that I took one day at a time and made the most of them all. I had a mastectomy then Chemo, which wasn’t that bad, the fear of it was worse, followed by radiotherapy. It’s taken 7/8 months and it’s flown by. But like you, I was full of panic in the beginning wondering how I’d cope, I put it all in a massive box and tried to fight my way out. But that’s not the way to do it. Deal with any issues (there may be none, I had very few) as and when they arise. If anything, I’ve learned from this experience that life is precious and this “nightmare” will pass. Try to stay positive and grateful for the positives, they are there. Best of luck and chin up xxx Kissing heart

  • Thank you so much for replying. When I posted I didn’t really expect a response but it’s been so reassuring to get such positive messages from people who understand and have been where I’m at. ThankHeartyou again- feeling stronger HeartMuscle