Advice on hair before chemo

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Was told I will probably need chemo. Had mastectomy and 80%  lymph node removal about 5 weeks ago . 16 out of 19 lymph nodes were affected. Been booked to have a bone scan start of July then see the oncologist for results. 

I normally would get my hair done end of June as have been lucky to get tickets for Wimbledon tennis and also it's also my 25th wedding anniversary coming up and going away for spa weekend. 

it's above shoulder level so it's not too long but the roots need doing and had  it done middle April..

I don't really want to pay a fortune, but I haven't been given a date  for chemo as yet and I don't know how  invasive it will be re hair loss . 

Advice will be appreciated. In a bit of dilemma Confused 

Thank you 

  • Get your hair done! And have a brilliant anniversary and enjoy Wimbledon and look fantastic doing it. Unless you cold cap, and even then saving your hair isn’t guaranteed, sadly you will probably lose your hair if you have chemo. But doing it isn’t a waste of money, you need to enjoy, as best you can, the events coming up and live as fully as possible. And one upside to not having hair is no money spent on hairdressers so you’ll save money afterwards. I know that sounds flippant, and I don’t mean it to, loosing my hair was really tough, but having gone through this and now out the other side, I’ve learned to enjoy everything you can. All the very best to you, congratulations on you wedding anniversary xx

  • You are not being flippant just saying the truth. 

    Still in 2 minds. All tbe cancer had been removed from the mastectomy, so the chemo having is a preventive chemo I belive so not sure how invasive it will be!! 

    I've already spend a fortune on bras, new clothes and swimsuits (swimsuits have been a nightmare getting )..