Hello I had my last chemo in jan .followed by lumpectomy and then radiotherapy.....my hair all over is growing back great .....never been blessed in great  eyelashes .but they were growing okay...this week they have all fallen out again anyone know why or has this happened to anyone else thank you 

  • Your body has been going through a lot and is probably still in shock. My treatment ended about a year ago and in my case my eyelashes have returned but the crown of my head and eyebrows are still spartan and my hair is very fine.  I have been told they may or may not return as before and it just depends on the person. I also have noticed that when I have the bone infusions I lose hair again! I try to eat healthily in the hope that all will be restored in time! 

  • Hair growth happens in cycles apparently and if your eyelashes grew back all at the same time they will be at the end of their growing cycle and all fall out at the same time.