Radiotherapy effects

Hi. I'm going to be starting radiotherapy soon.  Has anyone had it. Where you really tired? I'm still off sick from work but aim to get back to work as soon as the radiotherapy is finished .Just hope I'm not too tired I have a demanding job .


  • I had 5 days of radio and it seems to gradually build up on you ,i nap in the afternoon or dinner time for 15 minutes but iam sure you will be fine 

  • I was fortunate not to have any bad side effects during or after 15 sessions. The exercises are helpful and a good moisturiser a must. I used lyonsleaf natural body butter which was recommended by a family friend who went through the treatment years ago. Drink lots of water and listen to your body. Sleep if you need to. I nap during the day but I work from 230 am till around 10am delivering bread and cakes around the north west. My bosses have been great and have allowed me to take holidays at short notice if i needed to rest. Maybe your employer could help you return gradually. 

  • Thanks yes im going to do phased return for a month.

    Thanks for your advice x

  • Hi , it’s a really individual thing so make sure to listen to your body. I was advised by the radiology consultant partway through rads (3 weeks) to take 4 weeks off after rads. I worked as a special needs teacher and it was a very physically and mentally demanding job. But some people breeze through and work throughout!   So maybe just prepare your employer for the fact that you’re hoping to come straight back but may have to adjust your return date depending on how you feel once it’s done. Love and hugs, HFxx 

    HappyFeet1 xx
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  • Hi I’ve just finished radiotherapy and so far not felt tired, although on my final review he said  it may start in the next few days, usually get the fatigue two weeks after treatment, fingers crossed Fingers crossed it doesn’t XxxX 

  • I hope you don't. Xx

  • Good luck when the radiotherapy starts x 

  • Hi 

    post op 4 weeks. Still waiting for oncologist to call to give me dates to start radium therapy. My consultant thinks it may be 5 days but my oncologist will need to confirm. Not looking forward to it. I’ve been off work since day of op and don’t plan to return until after radium. It’s more an emotional journey than physical so I need to get back to feeling more human. 
    tamoxifen started a week ago and luckily no side effects as yet x 

  • I would be kind to yourself and not rush back to work and definitely have a phased return to build up your stamina. 
    Radiotherapy reactions don’t reach a peak until a couple of weeks after finishing treatment so give yourself a bit of recovery time.

    Drink lots of fluids and moisturise often

    Good luck

  • Hi, personally I had 10 sessions of r/t, drove myself back from hospital after each one and went straight back to work (albeit from home).  I was very lucky with no tiredness or I’ll effects during the r/t itself.  Good luck