Missed on Mammogram


I had a mammogram end of May 2021 and got diagnosed February 2022 with grade 2 invasive DCIS.  Just wondering if anyone else was diagnosed in less then a year after Mammogram 


  • Hi 

    I had a normal mammogram in March 2018, found a lump in August 2018 and was diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer. My mammogram from March was looked at again at an Interval Panel Meeting and concluded that there were no suspicious features and it was classed as a true interval cancer. 

    I went on to have a mastectomy (my choice) and chemotherapy following Oncotype testing which showed I would benefit from chemotherapy. 

    Hope your treatment goes well 

    Lynn xx

  • Hi, I was diagnosed 6 months after a clear mammogram, however, my mammo was in the October I went to my GP in the December with what I believed was a lump and he examined me and said it was rib and because I'd had a clear mammo he convinced me everything was fine, I didn't go back for several months and was then referred which was 6 months after the clear mammogram, the cancer was in the area I had suspected the lump. I have extremely dense breast tissue and that can mask cancers as they appear white and the breast tissue is also white on mammograms. These cancers are called interval cancers. I had a mastectomy. 

  • Hi

    I’m also ER+, have had a lumpectomy and 7/10 radiotherapy sessions. Oncotype results were low so didn’t have to have chemotherapy. Mine was attached to my muscle begin with P lol, just wonder why they didn’t see it. My sister-in-law had it picked up really early, they said it would turn into cancer.

    take care xxxx

  • Hi, it’s strange how we just know isn’t it. I had a feeling would feel for a lump felt one would try again another day and couldn’t feel it, but kept thinking I only had a mammogram recently so can’t be anything wrong. 
    Have never had a big chest so definitely haven’t got dense breast tissue.

    suppose it one of those things that just happens

    Take care xxxx

  • Sorry sorry to hear of your diagnosis but positive thoughts sent, I had my 1st mammogram when I turned 50 and was called back because they found micro calculations in my right breast, I had an ultrasound followed by a vacuum assisted biopsy, then told all clear, no concerns, I have always suffered with tender breasts but I then started getting a burning sensation in my right breast, thought it might be hormonal but went to GP, sent to the breast clinic in the January 2021, mammogram given, told all ok and given a leaflet about breast pain, was mentioned a few times that I had dense breast tissue in the problem breast,  this continued, and then my routine mammogram in the July 2021 was due, went then received letter all ok, around November time I noticed a change in my right nipple, referred back to clinic, ultrasound and biopsy done, then received the devastating news at Christmas that I had ER grade 3 cancer, had single right mastectomy in January 2022  then was given the option of Axillary node clearance which i chose, had this beginning of March, I have my 1st Oncolgy appointment later this week regarding future treatments, sorry this is quite long to read but I get angry that I had two mammograms within months that showed all clear. Maybe anyone with “dense” breast tissue should be given extra tests. 

  • Hi so sorry to hear this happened, You have every right to be angry. I asked at my radiotherapy review yesterday why it wasn’t picked up at my mammogram 9 months earlier, as It was invasive stage 2, so obviously I’d had it a while, and he said it must have been hiding. I wanted to say I don’t know where it would hide being I have very small breasts, but I’m going to wait and ask at my oncology appointment next week.

    You should definitely ask at your appointment  why yours were missed twice.

    take care sending loads of hugs xx

  • My consultant actually said it had probably been there months when I asked if it was fast/slow growing but said mammograms aren’t 100% reliable! Had my oncology appointment this morning, 6 chemo sessions on 21 day cycle, 5 radiotherapy sessions then Tamoxifen for probably 10 years, feel better now I know what’s happening, better get a wig sorted, but also angry that the treatments could have been less invasive if picked up earlier, but can’t turn the clock back so onwards & upwards! X

  • Hey glad you’ve got your treatment plan at last, makes such a difference doesn’t it when it’s in place. I’ve got 3 boosts of radiotherapy left then Zometa infusions starting in June every 6 months for 3 yrs. hoping to go back to work after the first one, need some normality, been feeling really low last couple of days, usually strong willed lol. Roll on tomorrow when Grandkids come for the weekend. Shein do some really good scarves, well cheap worth having a look at their site.

    sending love and hugs xxxx

  • Yeah grandkids keep you going, I haven’t told mine, got through both surgeries without them knowing, will put my wig on when they come round, just want to keep things normal if that’s possible, will have a look, will need scarves too for around the house etc, I’m like you very stronger willed but will have down days too, I’m sure your grandchildren will pull you back and lift your mood xxxx

  • Hi Lilac moon

    I was having mammograms every year due to a bit of family history and in-between those got stage 3 Oestrogen positive grade 2.  That was nearly 3 years ago now but it still baffles me completely!