Where to go now

Hi everyone 

Sending best wishes to you all.

I finally finished treatment last week, starting my Tamoxifen this week.

So why do I feel in limbo now, is this normal?  I plan to go back to work next week as that seems the next step to take but I feel quite anxious.

The treatment may have finished but my head is filled with uncertainty and sadness some days.  Feelings I don’t want to worry my family and friends with.  When I’m around others, I’m the chatty, funny person but when I’m on my own my mind goes into overdrive. I can’t keep saying ‘I’m fine’ because I’m not sure I am.

Does anyone else feel this way and if so do you have any suggestions on what to do

Love to everyone 

  • Hello Red robin101. I completely understand and share your feelings of uncertainty.  Let us be honest and acknowledge that life has changed forever for all of us who have had a diagnosis of cancer.  It will always be there now lurking in the back of our minds.  I found this hard to accept.  I have thought a lot about it and come to the conclusion that even in the past when I thought "I am fine, my healths is good" it may not have been the truth.  This made me a bit down, but then I realised that all I can do is to accept each day as it comes and enjoy it as much as possible.  Dwelling on what has happened won't change things and will make me feel uneasy and unhappy. Whatever life I have left is for living and I am going to try to enjoy it as much as I can.  When the negative thoughts come I will try to distract myself and not think too much about them.  I want to enjoy my time with my family and friends.  We all hope that the worst things are behind us now.  If you feel that it might help you could ask your GP if they have access to any counselling services.  Sending you a hug and hoping that you will not find going back to work too stressful.  Your feelings are certainly normal and understandable and probably to be expected.  Take care.

  • Yes I understand too. It was recommended to me to either try Maggies or register for the online course Moving Forward that Breast Cancer Now do. Towards the end of radiotherapy,  they had a clinical review but not something I attended so made a request to see oncologist who I'd not met just go ask things like what now, prognosis. I've actually been sent a tel appointment today for early now with the oncologist (she is new, I was under a retired locum but appointment was by phone so no face to face interaction). I have joined Moving Forward course started Monday. Not much happened so far but lots planned. Worth a look



    Good luck. X