Nipple/Breast Discomfort

I still have a blue nipple 6 weeks after surgery and it and the surrounding area is still very tender and hurts when touched.

  • Hi , if it’s any consolation I had this for many weeks after my op. The blue took months to fade away and I had a horribly sensitive/ painful nipple for ages. I don’t know if you’re having radiotherapy but in my case I think the rads made it even worse. I didn’t need any instructions to ‘pat dry’ rather than rub after a shower, no way was any rubbing happening! Eventually after around 6 months post op, a big scab (sorry if tmi) fell off, I thought at first it was my actual nipple! It then gradually resolved. I am left with a slightly inverted nipple which is still more sensitive than the other but not painful. 

    Hope it’s reassuring to know that I’ve had a similar experience. I think it was the injection of blue dye, which was done while I was under anaesthetic, which caused the pain. My lump was nowhere near my nipple. But I guess it was a necessary evil to track down the sentinel nodes. 

    And of course if it’s concerning you, don’t hesitate to phone the breast clinic. Sending love and a big but very gentle virtual hug. HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
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