What did you take into the hospital with you when you had your mastectomy 

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    Generally - phone &  charger, pen, book, puzzle, toiletries, pjs, hairbrush, toothbrush, nail file, hand cream.

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  • Hi  added to Groggs list ....

    water wipes to freshen up with , pocket hand fan ,loose clothing i.e.  Button thru top and trouser or dress for coming out .

    Don't know what the situation is in Spanish hospital but I would take small gel /wipes for Personal use .

    Also plastic bag to put worn  nightwear /clothing to be washed when at home . 

    I was in five nights nothing wrong just no home care available and bed not needed so stayed in til drain removed . I found a magazine easier to read than book ( tired) 

    Small cushion to protect area from seat belt when travelling home . 

    If I think of anything else I'll post .

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    I was in and out the same day.  Just to add to what you've already been told, take your new mastectomy bra and softy as wearing this straight away will help deal with any swelling and reduce chance of seroma.  Also, and this is with the benefit of hindsight (!!), the general anaesthetic can make you feel sick (I was a GA virgin!) so if you want to avoid being sick in your boyfriends car...a suitable puke receptacle is recommended for the journey home if same day!

    Good luck 


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