Lockdown......don't panic......


I thought I'd start this post because reading on other threads I can sense your worry.

I live in France. We have had a lockdown for 7 days now. Today is the 8th. But it's ok......you will adapt. You will find ways that suit you to live within the restrictions and the days do pass. 

Hopefully , like me, your cupboards won't be empty this morning. I had watched the disease spreading since January and had thought we might end up in a similar position so I had added the odd extra store cupboard ingredient or freezer item to my shopping since then. So my OH and I have not needed to leave home for the 8 days.

However, we have had calls from neighbours checking we don't need anything and given their phone numbers to call if we need help, ( we are overwhelmed  by their thoughtfulness) we have chatted online more frequently to friends and family, OH'S prescription was sent direct to a very local pharmacy who would have delivered if he hadn't been able to pop up for it. We are ok.

We haven't been in physical contact with any actual person but ourselves but we have managed some physical activity by walking around the house and finding gardening jobs but mainly we have accepted that life has to be like this if we are still going to have a life in six months time. 

I know you will miss your family but if you are reading this, you are online so you should be able to see them on the screens. I have no idea how to do it but my son phones me and whatever he is doing I get a box come up which asks me if I want video and when I press it.....he is there.

I know also it's different if you are already on your own but actually you have the advantage of being more used to a lot of time in your own company. You know how to occupy yourself in the hours when you haven't had clubs or people to meet.

I'm sure your medical needs will be dealt with by keyworkers who will probably come to you. Our supermarket had put markers and restricted numbers inside before the shutdown. We are only allowed a 1km walk from the house but it is exercise.

I have made myself keep to a routine. I think that's really important. We are having all our meals at the same time every day. I do jobs in the morning... the house will never be cleaner or the garden tidier and I am running out of non essential items like rag rugs and curtains to wash but then in the afternoons I cook, knit or watch tv. I use the I player and itv hub to find things I like. It's very easy to put them on your phone or tablette even if you think you can't.....you really can. Have you ever wanted to find time to paint or write a novel or pietry? You have time now. We have found that  now we have no commitments,  no appointments, no social invites, we are more rested. I appreciate there are two of us but we are actually talking more. If you are on your own perhaps you can make regular arrangements to phone and chat with another friend who is by themselves?

This will pass. Two months is only the same as 3 chemo doses or radiotherapy.  That passes doesn't it and if this works.....I have just watched China on tv opening up and Italy beginning to improve...... but as French tv can be more brutal than UK , I have also seen pictures of rows and rows of coffins.....we have to be realistic. This wasn't really a huge shock. It was an inevitability.  We will get through this. We can stay well if we are sensible and follow advice. ......We have this chatline to support each other.....It's going to be ok.

Stay safe......love Karen

  • Hi Karen,

    That was a lovely reassuring message to wake up to. Thank you.

    Life as we know it has turned upside down for now but it will pass as you say. As long as everyone is sensible.

    An advantage of having gone through chemo is we know we can stay home and accept the situation but at least this time we will hopefully be feeling much better than then. Again it is a worry not just for ourselves but for everyone else. One of my daughters is a nurse and her partner is a  police officer and so both will be exposed to this virus. And their little boy is being looked after by my other daughter when they are working so she and her family may be at risk too. I hate this feeling of being called vulnerable and needing to be shielded - I just want to help. Very frustrating.

    So everyone enjoy the peace - gosh it’s quiet out there !! Try to find somethings  to do which you will enjoy. But keep safe.

    I have tried to send you a poem but not sure if it will turn out ok as it’s the first time I have tried this. Hope so.

    Love Jojodot X

  • Hi Karen/,

    a lovely calming message, thank you

    Hugs xxx


  • Hi  

    just jumping in lovely poem . I find easiest way for me to post poems etc is to take pic/ screen shot then post as photo . 

    Have a practice we've lots of time now to become experts on diff. Things . I will try FaceTime with family .

    Margaret x

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !

    Hi Karen thankyou for the calming message I was still trying to come to terms to being told High Risk ..in all honesty I knew this but didn't like the NHS making it official ..Then the next announcement ! Hopefully find my balance again when I know what happening with treatment .Back to the waiting game .

    Hubby age vulnerable so can take dog out once per day ? Trying to train dog to toilet in garden but curled up in bed staring at me balefully. 

    Same as you we lucky have garden to excercise in with plenty to do at moment as just redoing the area . After that plans to paint out kitchen units managed to get paint prior to shut down .

    Our daughter close by but is key worker in a school so on Rota and in contact with children all day ..talked thru window .

    plus good neighbours and good community spirit .

    grandchildren all over So need to get on FaceTime 

    Margaret x

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Very sensible, time will pass , after the wet winter I was looking forward to all the things I had planned for spring , but the hardest part for me is having chemo stopped , as I hang around the house on my own “ killing time “ the cancer is growing and trying to kill me 

    I have a grandson I have never seen , and now I probably never will , staying in for 12 weeks is the least of my worries, if I could persuade myself it will be getting better in 12 weeks !!! Sorry if I upset anyone 

  • Don't Apologise that's why we're here to listen and share . We are all struggling but we are Also fighters ,and fight we must ! 

    We know better than anyone that the only way to cope is one day at a time trying not to look too far forward but deal with the now! 

    Take care 

    Margaret x

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • thanks Karen, great post, really positive - thank you xx

  • hang in there Puzzler, we are all with you.  Same for my wife, we have no idea if they are going to continue the chemo as heard today that at our Oncology Unit a lot of doctors are moving over to Covid-19 cure and retraining - none of know for how long.  Without chemo we don't know how quickly  tumour will regrow and spread (glioblastoma) we had some bucket trips booked and now cancelled with our kids - we can rearrange but will we get there - we are just going to imagine we will. 

    Keep thinking about when you can hold your beautiful new grandson - you will get there.  Promise.  Wish I could ring you for a chat.  Hang in there xxx


    Thank you for taking the time to calm a lot of peoples minds. I'm happy to hear you and your husband have found a comfortable way to pass the time together.  This is my first week indoors. I still think oh I will pop to the shop and pick something up then remember no you can't. I will get use to it. I did feel there is hope that we too will get through this lock down ,it's just too new to us. My GP has sent a 2 week wait cancer referral for me today so have felt tense today. Thank you again for your calming word.

    God Bless and stay safe.


  • just wanted to send you a virtual hug and a little thought to hang onto.  I'm sure that they'll only stop chemo if they are sure that it's safe to do so.

    Don't fret on your own and don't worry about putting your thoughts on here.  We're all in this together and we'll try to help as it is hard at the best of times but made more so by being on your own and now this virus.