Head Shave Advice Please

Went to hairdressers yesterday - the place where I got my wig.  As there was hardly any hair left - very very short, lots of bald patches, but still soft - I asked to have it shaved.

The result wasnt what I was expecting.  I thought it would be very smooth, no hair, nothing to feel.

However although you can't  see any hair, you can certainly feel it.  It feels like a hedgehog.  It is driving me mad.  I can even feel it through my headscarf when I touch my head.  When I lay down to sleep I can feel them digging into my head.

Is this normal?  Is this what it feels like after having it shaved.  I really wish I hadnt had it done now.


  • Hi, this will be me in the next couple of weeks...and I've been advised not to get shaved bald but to a no. 2 or 3 as my scalp will feel too sensitive...but if you're saying this is also uncomfortable I'm now wondering what's best. It'll be interesting to see what others have to say, regards, Fee x

  • Hi Fee

    Maybe its just me.  I dont know what "number" it was - the stylist didnt mention.  Its just driving me mad, as it feels like really rough stubble.  Hope you have much better luck with yours

    Best wishes  Louise x

  • Hi ,

    Yes, painful scalp is normal, unfortunately I did the same as you and shaved my head and regretted it for all the reasons you've mentioned.

    The best thing to do I think  -  - is to cut your hair short but long enough that it still lies flat on your head so when you sleep or put on a scarf/hat your hair doesn't painfully dig into your scalp. I left longer sideburns so that when I wore my wig it looked more natural or a hat it looked like I had hair; they stayed for quite a while although I looked a fright au naturel : )

    Good luck to you both and no question is too big or small, just ask and someone will be along with advice that will help you get through this rollercoaster as best as possible... xxx

    '...I'm off to do something that makes me smile'
  • Thank you, sounds like good advice x

  • My hairdresser did a number 5 - and that worked ok.

    Anne xx

  • My very first post so I hope I do it right! 

    You've offered such valuable advice for me. I was about to get shaved but I'm now rethinking fast and will go short instead. And what about bed time? Will I be cold/need a hat in bed? Scare myself at sight in mirrors? So many daft questions...

    The love shown by friends and strangers buoys me up every day. I hope you feel it too! X
  • Hey...welcome! I had my hair shaved to a number 4/5 when it started hurting about 14 days after my first chemo. I bought sleep hats but never wore them....I did buy a silk pillow and still use it as it kind to your skin.

    oh yes, I used to get a bit of a shock when I looked in the mirror but I found my confidence grew and I generally used a simple black head covering I bought when going out...and then just went bald! Yes some people take a double take when they see you but I just ignored it....

    I found the hardest bit was losing my eyelashes which nearly stayed to the end. I am now 6 months from my last chemo, I have hair, not in any sort of style, it’s wavy ! my eyelashes came back the quickest and my eyebrows have yet to return completely! 

    Take care....keep asking the questions! 

  • Hi, at day 15 I showered and loads of hair came out so my daughter cut my hair then shaved it to a number 4...advice I'd taken from here...was glad I did as it 'broke me in gently'....by 2 days later I had shaved it myself down to a number 2 as so much was coming out and had complete bald patches after my shower. Next day I shaved completely...I have small patches of stubble but it doesn't bother me at all and I love the cool feeling of my head when in the house. I have a cool gel pillow inside my pillow case and when I flip to that side during the night it feels fab :)

  • Thanks so much. It's all such a steep learning curve and this is so helpful. X

    The love shown by friends and strangers buoys me up every day. I hope you feel it too! X
  • Tiny eek here: does it hurt when hair falls out? I'd wondered if that is why some people don't like wigs but I wasn't expecting this to hurt along with all the other indignities awaiting me. Sigh

    Thanks for fast reply. It is so good to have advice at hand from expert users x

    The love shown by friends and strangers buoys me up every day. I hope you feel it too! X