Walking back to Happiness

Well. Welcome to this thread.

You may be surprised why it is here or happy it is here. Then again: ‘You have got to be joking! Do you know what is wrong with me?’ may be your response.

This all began on the Extreme Fatigue thread. On there several people wanted and needed inspiration/incentive to get out and walk. Many people see the benefits of it in their life and to help on this; mad journey, train ride, rollercoaster ride and other positively rude words journey called Breast Cancer.

It is not a thread created to make anyone feel less than they do at present. It is not a thread that will set people against one another. Being competitive with yourself or a simple challenge to yourself is the point, but not a race against others is a key premis.

The idea is that you can do any of these or none:

  1. Post when you have walked.
  2. Post how many minutes you walked for.
  3. Post how you felt before, during or after. Or not at all.
  4. Post pictures from your walk, but ones that do not point to where you live.
  5. Post inspirational quotes, thoughts or comments.
  6. A simple like of people’s efforts is fine. No need to write an essay unless you feel the need.
  7. On a safety note. Do tell friends, family or the thread when you leave and return safely. Be aware of your personal safety at all times.


Well here goes.

Either it will grow and blossom, with lots of lovely people benefiting. Or I will have egg all over my face – not for the first time in my chequered life and career.

Leolady – may be adding in the odd gallop to my walks.

PS if you don't like us don't be cruel.

  • Love this thread...thank you Leolady for starting it.

    So no very long walks today but 2 x school run so prob couple of miles from that then we usuallt get lift to Brownies so decided to walk there instead tonight, another couple of miles. Every little counts! I walked, my 8 yr old skipped and galloped (you and her would get on Leo!).

    Inspired by this thread planning to try and fit few miles walk around village in tomorrow. 


  • Woo hoooooo

    No egg on my face yet!

    Well done ladies 

    Leolady - all sung out from choir 

    Gawd I had better sleep

    And whinging is allowed as long as you moved out the front door

    Leolady zzzzzxxx

    Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

  • Hi Ladies, great thread need something to keep me going, can’t walk far at the moment as I have a foot problem, going to the clinic on the 5th Feb so hopefully they will sort it out. Looking forward to walking determined to do it, will keep you all updated.

  • Hi ladies love this thread and tomorrow going to take my overweight bichon for a walk as not been able to take her. Will go everyday this week and report my progress and take some pics. Hope I will be OK after radiotherapy next week but if not 3 weeks will pass fast and back to Walking back to happiness again .Go go go ladies we can do it xxxxFran

  • Yay! You did it, Leolady!

    I went for a walk yesterday with my daughter and German pointer. Before all this “diagnosis” I was used to walking alone but it was lovely to be with her, as my responsible adult, and I enjoyed having a natter with her on our short trek.  Steve (the dog) enjoyed it immensely too, but heaven only knows what he ate out there because when he was back home he threw up on my lounge carpet!!!!

    I can’t seem to find the “scrubbing your carpet” excercise on my list from the physio, but it had to be done!

    I hope that I can work out how to post a photo on here - of my walk, not of the carpet - lol  

    My husband has a day off with me today, so we’re taking a picnic to somewhere nearby and enjoying a walk in the countryside.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Wishing you all a happy Tuesday x

    Alison xx


    Go go go.

    And I would like to send a personal thank you for NOT posting a pic of Steve's deposit

    Sure the physio would be adding 'scrubbing carpet' if only she knew. But I would ignore that advice in my home!! Tee hee

    Enjoy the day with hubby and the picnic.

    Take care


    Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

  • Okay, I'm provisionally in! I have been suffering from such extreme lassitude (can't really call it fatigue), plus the weather has been pretty dreadful in Dunoon, so my main exercise regime for far too long has been reading heavy books! It's blowing a hoolie out there again, but I promise to go out for a walk at some point today, even if it's only to take our newest cat, Muppet (a three-month-old tabby who we adopted by accident) out on the lead to let him get used to the outdoors and inspect his territory. Thanks for the metaphorical kick up the bum!

    Sophie X

    "Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and the lesson afterward."

    - Oscar Wilde

  • Just off out for walk, it’s a bit cold!

    Jac x
  • Well done Leolady, lots of evidence that exercise is one of the best things that we can do to prevent recurrence, I saw some research that said weight is only minimal in prevention but by far the best is exercise. This is my daily walk but the sun doesn’t always shine like today!!

    Keep walking ladies

    Lin x

  • Try again with picture!!