Brain, secondary tumours

Secondary brain cancer is cancer that has spread to the brain from a primary cancer somewhere else in the body. This group is for people affected by secondary brain tumours to share experiences and get support.

mum keeps falling

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my mum was diagnosed with brain kesion  september 2011, within 10 days she had a cranotomy and had the tumour they found removed, well as much as they could, they then told us it was because she has lung cancer but after extensive testing they cannot find the primary, this week she has had a load more tests still trying to find the primary, as we have notised her gait is wobbly, she was left with a bit of brain damage after the op but has coped but now she is falling regularly and just almost fell downstairs going to bed, I dont know what to do, Im panicking incase it has grown in her head again?  anyone going through similar or had similar happen to them?  Until the night my mum collapsed she was a fit 66 year old, it came out of the blue, I'm scared for her.