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Post Radiotherapy damage after treatment on Astrocytoma tumour in left frontal Lobe

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Hi I am new to this but hope can get some help, advice or support. 

In 2000 I was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma brain tumour located in left frontal lobe.  This was removed during an awake craniotomy in October 2000 at Frenchay hospital.  Was not given any chemotherapy and advised was unlikely to return.  But it returned by October 2002 but only discovered when fell and broke three vertebrate in my spine and found scan results in my notes.  Was advised broken back was caused due to Osteoporosis caused by the steroids.   I was advised would have to be treated with 6 weeks radiotherapy treatment.  I was not given any choice in whether I had treatment.  Went through 6 weeks of radiotherapy treatment then waited for MRI scan only to be told it had not had amy affect.  

Took 3 years of chemotherapy to get me into remission in 2007.

Unfortunately I have found lots of health issues since then from sinus problems, gum problem's but then in December 2011 I suffered a stroke and on admission  to hospital was advised stroke was caused by radiotherapy treatment I had received.  Was put on Clopidogral medication to try to prevent further strokes.  Have suffered 3 further strokes.  Also find am suffering from severe headache,  weakness in right side.  Was referred for urgent MRI 6 weeks ago then saw oncologist at BRI to be told all problems are down to radiotherapy damage and that they cannot do anything to help other than refer me to a pain clinic. They cannot stop symptoms getting worse.

So is there anyone who can advise me on radiotherapy damage.??