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Access to medicines for brain tumour patients - I personally have GBM so keen for people to sign

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I went to the Brain tumour charity's film premiere on surviving terminal cancer.

They sent me this after so I thought I would post here as the petition needs all the help it can get

We want to make a difference for those personally affected by brain tumours, one of the things you can do is sign this e-petition, which calls on the Government to support two key initiatives promoting access to medicines.

We believe that greater investment in the Early Access to Medicines Scheme will mean that patients can access drugs going through the clinical trials process, and that Government support for Adaptive Pathways will help to speed up the drug development process.

Our aim is to gather 10,000 signatures on the HM Government’s e-petitions website so that the Department of Health formally responds to these concerns.  With your help, we can take one more step towards helping people with a brain tumour 

Thanks to any of you that can sign and promote this. Fingers crossed we can get it to 10,000 signatures.