MRI results

Writing here as need to put down in words. 
so kidney removed in February 2020, brain mets discovered in April and due to location it’s inoperable so had Gamma Knife. Found sygnificant lung mets in August but holding off Cabo until they get bigger. Not suitable for immunotherapy as I can’t get off steroids as the symptoms of brain tumour mean I cannot function properly without them.  
just had mri on brain to check how it’s going. 
consultant said on a positive note, no new lesions and tumour has shrunk slightly however the swelling around it has increased!! Said can sometimes happen the treatment can make things worse. 
I’m losing me. Can’t drive, mobility is poor, eyesight (double vision) is poor, no energy, numbness in left fingers and minimal feeling in left leg/foot and tongue/teeth etc don’t work properly. 

sorry for long moan, just don’t know where else to vent! 

  • Hi 

    I'm sorry to read how disappointed you are with the results of your recent scan and that you feel you're losing yourself amongst all the side effects you're having. I haven't been in your situation but I didn't just want to read your post and not say anything. 

    Looking at the other posts in this group it seems fairly quiet so you might be better having a rant in the Living with incurable cancer forum - patients only, which I can see you're a member of. There are always people around in that group offering support. 

    There is also a group called The Room which is a space where you can rant and rage and then slam the door! Click on the link I've created if you ever want to visit it.

    Finally, don't ever apologise for having a rant. If you can't do that here in the community, where can you do it.

    Take care


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