being practical?

Hi, I was diagnosed with grade 4 gbm in September and went straight into practical mode. Is this common? I've not really got emotional, I just want to make sure my wife hasn't got things to worry about. Have others reacted this way?

I had my tumour removed, had 1st lot of chemo and radiotherapy, start 2nd round of chemo next week, next scan is end of Feb and just hate the waiting, to see whats happening?

  • I flipped through emotional and "practical" as you say, and still am many years later. Waiting for scans commonly drives people crazy, to the point there is a school of thought of spacing out scans to avoid the psychological burden. Good luck with the treatments and future scans.

  • I can completely relate to what you have put, I was initially diagnosed with a low grade glioma in Aug only to have a follow up scan at the start of October to be told that it had quadrupled in size and that it was likely a GBM4. I was given a surgery date for 2 weeks after that and very much went into "practical mode", we have 2 small children and we weren't even married at that point. Literally we went through everything to ensure that it would be fine in the event of a worst case scenario. We got married, changed sole bank accounts to joint accounts, sorted out our mortgage and insurances, updated all the bills and utilities, online accounts, emails, passwords etc. to ensure that my other half had access to everything. It was amazing how I had just taken care of all those things up to that point. 

    My tumour was confirmed as a unmethylated GBM4 after the surgery where they managed to remove 89% of it but it's sitting too close to my motor cortex for anymore to have been removed. I finished my radio/chemotherapy at the end of December and start my first round of chemotherapy this week. I haven't had a date of my next scan yet but it should be sometime in March which seems so long away so know how you feel! The last scan seems so long ago now. 

  • that sounds just like mine, I've just finished my 1st round of double strength chemo, 5 more to go, but next scan is end of march, after the radio swelling has gone down. the waitng is a nightmare, done all the accounts etc, so its easier for my wife. We just need to know timescales etc, so we can prepare and do things we want to do.