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So sons oligodenroglioma is grade 2 with some grade 3 aspects, so he had his partial resection July 25 2019, he did lose mobility on his left side but by October his mobility was acceptable, though he sometimes gets unsteady. He lost most of his sight in left eye and some in right eye so he's been registered partially sighted. He started chemo 16 September 19, which for the most he has tolerated though he did come out in a complete body rash on his third session. Which they think might have been the procarbazin. He was supposed to have his 4th session of pcv yesterday 20 January but it has been delayed until 27 January as they need to decide whether to proceed with the procarbazine or just do vincristine and lomustine. He had a mri Nov which showed the remaining had shrunk a little. But atm they are worried as he's suffering bad headache s at least 3 times a week, each lasting about 12 hours. So they are sending him for CT scan. Sorry so long,just thought I would update.

  • Hi I am just popping into this group from my usual melanoma one as you hadn’t had a reply yet, I wanted to wish your son luck for his meeting on the 27th. I had an all over body rash on the first dose of my immunotherapy Pembrolizumab So not same drug or same cancer but they prescribed antihistamine and I had a short break of a week while it cleared up. 

    Really good that your updating the group I feel it’s so important to have some recent news of how people are doing. I’m hoping as you mention your son is on lomustine that both you and might be of some support to each other.

    sorry for butting in I’ll now wander back to my group Grinning


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  • Thanks for the update. I do often wonder how things are going. ......he's so young. 

    It's just the waiting it's gut wrenching. 

    Wishing you all the best. X