Chemotherapy with PCV in older people: PCV versus Temozolomide (Temodal) for anaplastic oligodendroglioma

I am seeking experiences of PVC chemotherapy in older people (I am 64). My choice is between PCV versus Temodal or temozolomide (TMZ) which easier to tolerate. I have an oligodendrogloma which has converted to grade 3. The standard of care is 28 days radiotherapy followed by 6 rounds of PVC. I am advised to replace the course of PVC with a course of Temodal. I got through the 28days of RT with no side effects. While Temodal is a lot better tolerated than PVC for chemo medical experience with oligos indicates PVC would give longer overall survival. Few people seem to tolerate more than a few rounds of PCV because its suppresses bonemarrow. This is a difficult choice and I am wondering which to chose because there seems little information on personal PCV experiences. Personal experience or advice appreciated from individuals old and young.