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Blood clots in lungs

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I have GBM4.  I got a bad cough and phoned the cancer helpline and was referred to local hospital in Larbert (Forth Valley).  They did not seem keen to give me anything for cough but did all the usual basic tests on me and I ended up having platelets twice.  My HBP not good, along with heart rate.  They found out I had blood clots on both lungs.  I was in for 10 nights in total but didn't really get any treatment though started me on 1ml blood thinners per day.  They are concerned about thinning the blood and potential impact on my brain.

I really wanted to ask if anyone else had brain cancer and blood clots and if so how was it treated.  I am seeing my consultant at Edinburgh Western next Wednesday and really want to get this moving.  There is nothing they can do for my GBM4 and now looking at palatitive care (over  6 years - see profile)



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Hi Susan,

I do not want to worry you further, but, insist on meds to disperse the clots!

My husband was admitted to hospital with clots, and died 1 day later pulmary embolism.

He had an oligoastrocytoma grade 3. Survivor of 8yrs

My heart goes out to you 


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Sorry to jump in, but what caused/causes the clots?